The freelancing journey can be a challenging one – solving issues out of the project scope, sourcing additional resources and finding new clients to ensure a steady flow of cash […]

For some entrepreneurism is in their blood… At the sweet age of 10, Caroline Van Keymeulen, started selling school newspapers to her fellow classmates. She had her work cut out

For some the freelancing world is a new profession, a career filled with so many unknowns. It’s an unpredictable landscape that requires you to be agile, fast thinking, problem solving

For those of you who have listened to the European Coworking Assembly’s Coworking Values Podcast, no introduction is needed for Bernie J Mitchell. For those who haven’t yet, listening to

In the run up to the fifth European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek), the European Coworking Assembly has released its 2020 Manifesto. The Manifesto aims to bring focus to the need for

Mass redundancies are expected as organisations make tough decisions toward business sustainability, resulting in an increase of self-employed professionals and a wave of start-ups. And during a crisis how you

The entrepreneur’s journey is filled with both easy wins and big losses. The feeling of isolation and having to deal with hurdles on their own can take a heavy toll,

If you sit down and compare your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions versus what you know now, how much have they changed? Did you expect to get a promotion? Buy a

#EFWeek2020 is building momentum and partnering with big names in Europe. The fifth edition of the largest crowdsourced event in Europe, dedicated to building and highlighting the freelance ecosystem, is

Anyone who has attended a coworking conference may have scanned the room and noticed that there is little diversity in the audience. The same statistics are evident in many coworking

The meaning of ‘resilience’ according to Google is: If you’re a seasoned business owner you know the amount of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into your business. And

COVID-19 has thrown a serious spanner in the works in the events industry worldwide. The near future is looking uncertain for this industry that relies on human interaction and experience

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