Happy Dev: Empowering Freelancers And Encouraging Start-Up’s

The freelancing journey can be a challenging one – solving issues out of the project scope, sourcing additional resources and finding new clients to ensure a steady flow of cash is enough to throw any person into a panic spin. 

However, there are platforms available and communities to become part of to help navigate the unknown and sometimes unkind areas of freelancing. 

Joining a network such as this means the common freelance headaches – lack of support, the feeling of loneliness and being out of one’s depth while trying to build a network — are alleviated, freeing freelancers up to focus on their niche.

Happy Dev: A collective unit with one ideal.

Formed just on five years ago, Happy Dev has grown to connect 500 digital freelancers to 390 projects since its inception. The French-born organization now has hubs in 10 surrounding cities and is in the process of expanding to include reach in London, Belgium and Amsterdam.

Happy Dev’s model is based on the notion of alignment of values:  there are no ‘rules’ but instead a collective of freelance professionals who operate under one ideal, with the common values of reliability, professional solidarity and optimism. This non-traditional setup invites a vast array of multidisciplinary individuals who are not considered employees, but rather project partners. They’re made up of designers, developers, and writing and communications experts.

Growing as a Freelancer at Happy Dev

Sophie Rocher, President and UX & UI Designer at Happy Dev, says that over her three-year relationship with them, she’s experienced the open and experimental culture they provide. The decentralized environment has widened her network, expanded her knowledge, connected her with clients, and helped normalize her financial balance as a freelancer.

Aiming to keep the ‘digital pollution’ low, teams are deliberate in everything they create. Projects are totally scalable as freelancers are able to tag in as the job evolves and requires a new skillset. Some of the assignments that take place are SaaS platforms, websites, Apps UX & UI Designers and this is free to grow as the need dictates.

The freedom to digitally create as needed contributes to the organic growth that the company is experiencing. And, as they expand across Europe, they become stronger by sharing best practices and ideas, and by building a strong network of freelance like-minded ‘non-employees’ at Happy Dev. 

Happy Dev for Collaboration

According to Sophie, the Coronavirus has changed how companies are hiring, they’re now more open to hiring the best freelancer for the job. Projects are piloted by a captain and senior members to ensure smooth sailing of each project undertaken by the group. This is inviting a lot of local collectives to collaborate in an environment with healthy competition and from this many start-ups have been born.

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