As Autumn arrives, freelancers around Europe are gearing up for a week-long celebration of their craft during European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) from 16 to 20 October. This year we have […]

This blog was created in collaboration with insights from Ashley Ryall, Founder and Principal of UntapSocial. As a freelancer, your success hinges not only on your skills and expertise but

In today’s job market, freelancing has become a popular choice. As a freelancer, one of the necessary aspects of your journey is getting paid for your skills and services.  Whether

In today’s interconnected world, where virtual communication and remote work have become the norm, a silent pandemic has been spreading: loneliness. Loneliness knows no boundaries and affects people from all

Loneliness is a growing concern, particularly among freelancers who work remotely, without the support and camaraderie that is often found in traditional workplaces.  Working alone for extended periods can lead

Trigger warning: discussion of different types of harassment  As a freelancer, working in the gig economy can be both rewarding and challenging. Freelancers have the freedom to choose their work

Author: SafetyWing A fully nomadic lifestyle…it’s the dream. From workdays planned around surf swells to champagne powder ski destinations, being a digital nomad has plenty of perks, but it isn’t

Whenever the word ‘recession’ starts creeping into the news, individuals, corporates, and small businesses start to feel the pressure that the idea causes and what this will mean for their

In our #EFWeek2022 kick-off event on Monday 17 October, Tash Thomas, Director of IDEA with the ECA was in conversation with host, Elina Jutelyte, founder of Freelance Business Month, about

Barbara Reverberi, is an experienced and passionate journalist-turned-freelancer since 2012 and is the founder of Freelance Network Italia, established in 2017. At first it started as a Facebook group to share

In our industry, collaboration is key! It’s at the heart of what we do, it’s a need in our blood to connect with others, it’s a necessary principle to make

Are you a freelancer or do you know a freelancer? Did you know that freelancers are the only people in Europe who can quite legally be discriminated against, paid substandard

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