Empowering Freelancers: European Freelancers Week and Freelance Business Month

As Autumn arrives, freelancers around Europe are gearing up for a week-long celebration of their craft during European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) from 16 to 20 October. This year we have planned a wealth of insights, networking opportunities, and discussions led by industry leaders. Complementing #EFWeek is Freelance Business Month (FBM), a month-long initiative featuring a series of expert-led webinars and masterclasses designed to elevate freelancers’ skills and businesses throughout October.

The #EFWeek lineup

Starting off on Monday, 16 October the event kicks off with a compelling presentation by Rafael Espinal, the esteemed President of the Freelancers Union. In this free-to-join session, Espinal discusses the crucial topic of safeguarding freelancers’ rights, shedding light on the pivotal advocacy work aimed at ensuring fair treatment and opportunities for this dynamic professional community. From 18:00 to 19:00 CET, this session is sure to provide valuable insights into the advancements being made in the realm of freelancers’ rights, promising an empowering start to the week ahead.

On Tuesday, 17 October, the day unfolds with a free dual exploration of the freelance landscape. In the early afternoon, from 15:00 to 15:30 CET, the visionary CEO of BeyondMedia, Zola Brunner, commands the spotlight. With a blend of expertise and fervour, Brunner sheds light on the transformative potential of creative freelancing, highlighting its pivotal role in addressing unemployment challenges. Later in the evening, spanning from 18:00 to 19:00 CET, the Secretary General of the Freelance Movement, Glen Hodgson, steps forward. He delves into the profound impact of digitalisation on the future labour market, offering invaluable insights for freelancers navigating this ever-evolving professional landscape.

Wednesday, 18 October, we go into a free global exploration of freelancing. Join Kritika Narula, a seasoned freelance journalist and content consultant, from 15:00 to 15:30 CET, as she unveils the dynamic world of freelancing in India. In the evening, a round table discussion will assemble experts from various regions, providing priceless insights into the complexities of the worldwide freelance economy. This pay-to-attend session guarantees a wealth of knowledge-sharing, offering attendees a holistic perspective on freelancing at a global level.

Gain a distinctive perspective on freelancing on Thursday, October 19th, as we explore the realm of neurodiversity. Join Ivana Recmanová, a skilled freelance proofreader and content writer at Sloneek, in her session from 15:00 to 15:30 CET. With a combination of grace and practical insight, Ivana shares her personal journey and imparts essential advice for thriving in the freelancing world as a neurodivergent individual. This free session holds the promise of empowering and enlightening freelancers, equipping them with invaluable tools to excel in a diverse professional landscape.

We close out the week with a touch of innovation on Friday, October 20th. Join Le-an Lai Lacaba, the Co-Founder of 2xYou, for a free session from 15:00 to 15:20 CET, where she’ll expertly lead participants in crafting their own AI assistant. With Le-an’s notable expertise and recognition as one of the most influential Filipino women, this session becomes a definite highlight not to be missed. Be prepared for an engaging and insightful experience as you delve into the world of artificial intelligence.

Seizing the opportunities 

In addition to #EFWeek, Freelance Business Month offers freelancers a chance to enhance their skills and business. Expert-led webinars and masterclasses will equip freelancers with strategies to grow their businesses, enhance their skills, and make meaningful connections with fellow professionals and potential clients. If you are interested in attending Freelance Business Month and having access to all FBM and #EFWeek talks, feel free to use the discount code ‘EFWEEK’ to get 25% off.

Click here to access all of the month’s talks and discussions.

European Freelancers Week and Freelance Business Month present an invaluable opportunity for freelancers to immerse themselves in a community of like-minded professionals, gain fresh perspectives, and refine their freelancing endeavours. This eventful week promises to leave freelancers inspired, informed, and equipped for success in the ever-evolving world of freelancing. Mark your calendars and embark on a journey of empowerment and growth!

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