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A week of events for independents across Europe

European Freelancers Week is now on! October 12-21, 2018

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Introduction to European Freelancers Week

European Freelancers Week is a series of events and actions created by and for independent workers held in different locations in mid October. The events inspire freelancers to join together to improve their independent careers through learning, skill sharing, networking and political action. Anyone can propose an event to be added to the calendar. Event formats include talks, workshops and networking sessions. #EFWeek is organized by a coalition of freelancers' organizations, coworking spaces and their communities.

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Freelancers are important actors in local and regional ecosystems, as flexible providers of services and as possible future innovative entrepreneurs. #EFWeek is an inspiring example of a bottom-up initiative that brings freelancers together, encourages peer-learning and skills sharing, and connects them to a bigger movement in cities and regions across Europe that supports freelancers as vital contributors to innovation and growth.

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions

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