The objective of #EFWeek is to shed light on the enormous value freelancers bring to the European economy and society, to share and exchange ideas, experiences, and skills regarding how best to make political and structural change locally based on the principles of the #EFWeek Manifesto.

The #EFWeek Manifesto outlines a set of basic principles and demands to safeguard the rights and interests of freelancers. It calls for fair compensation, access to social benefits, protection against exploitative practices, and recognition of freelancers’ professional contributions.

We establish connections with government players, institutions, and policymakers and provide information so they can create concrete policy based on the principles in the Manifesto



Rediscover your enthusiasm by participating in events where freelancers exchange their experiences – or contribute your own story!

#EFWeek 2024 brings together a growing community of freelancers. We empower them to pursue their passions and work on their own terms.

Become part of a collective voice that sheds light on the value freelancers bring to the European economy. 

In an evolving freelancing landscape, #EFWeek understands the challenges ahead. We provide workshops and resources to guide freelancers through economic uncertainties.

Campaign against the lack of civil rights that freelancers experience in the industry. Enhance the working conditions for freelancers in the EU and even worldwide.

We envision a sustainable future for the independent workforce. By advocating for policies that recognise freelancers’ contributions. We create an environment where they can thrive.

In the beginning, the #EFWeek focused on fostering connections and sharing knowledge. As the years have passed, #EFWeek has grown. We attracted more participants and gained recognition from policymakers and institutions. As freelancing grows we recognise that there are challenges on the horizon.

The freelance community needs a stronger voice to navigate these issues. Freelancers are a powerful force in the European economy, and they deserve recognition.

#EFWeek aims to shed light on the value freelancers bring to the European economy. We aim to share and exchange ideas, experiences, and skills. Our Manifesto aims to provide the framework for political and structural changes in the EU which make things better for everyone.

To achieve our goals, the #EFWeek aims to organise a series of owned events and workshops. These gatherings are made with a purpose. We want to inspire action, raise awareness, and guide freelancers on navigating the challenges they face.

The workshops are designed to cover many topics. From advocacy, building networks, understanding regulations, and financial planning.

The #EFWeek’s evolution from a celebratory event to a focus on policy is driven by the realisation that hard times are coming.

For some of us they are already here – and that the freelance community needs to be prepared. We understand that without a unified voice, their needs would go unheard. Ultimately, leading to missed opportunities for progress.

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