Freelance Business Community, for the Betterment of Freelancing

In our industry, collaboration is key!

It’s at the heart of what we do, it’s a need in our blood to connect with others, it’s a necessary principle to make a somewhat lonely journey more crowded. It’s a calling to be part of an ecosystem of independent professionals working towards a common goal.

Seeing the absolute need for connection in the freelance field is Elina Jutelyte, founder of Freelance Business Community, a business community for self-employed, independent professionals and freelancers.

Elina says, “my freelance journey started four years ago with signed contracts to produce global events for technology companies. Quite soon I realised that no matter how independent you are as a professional, you need collective intelligence and support to continue what you do. This is how the Freelance Business Community originated.”

Established in 2018, this organisation has made an incredible impact in the lives of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals and the self-employed. Their mission is to help these professionals find like-minded connections, network with the community and encourage knowledge sharing in the inclusive economy. They activate this through freelance events, training and masterclasses.

Oh! Did we mention that they are long standing partners of the European Freelance Week? And we’re proud to collaborate with them in this year’s #EFWeek again.

Freelance Business Community, where your freelance journey gets better

As a freelancer herself, Elina knows the challenges that the job comes with, but is also connected to the best people in the business to collaborate with and deliver value to the community.

The organisation consists of a number of tools and resources created and planned with the self-employed in mind.

The Freelance Business Book, a source of inspiration for any freelancer, is a free PDF book compiled from almost 200 presentations from 150 experts from Freelance Business events in 2020 and 2021. It contains key takeaways and video links for professionals to submerge themselves in.

Freelance Masterclasses, are free recording of high-value business topics relevant to the entrepreneur with learnings on how to run an independent business by successful professionals.

Then there are also Freelance Business Events, which take place monthly with a specific focus in each month. They’re open to anyone who would like to share their expertise or to learn from others.

Freelance Business Month, 31 days dedicated to freelancers

In addition Elina and Freelance Business Community create the annual Freelance Business Month, the largest global event for freelancers.

The purpose of this online event is to unite the freelance ecosystem, to show the power of growing independent businesses, to cultivate ideas, knowledge, skills sharing and discover new tools that enhance freelance productivity and efficiency.

The programme is divided in five sections, namely:

  • Future of Freelance
  • Starting Freelancing
  • Growing Freelancing
  • Freelance Ecosystem and European Freelance Week (That’s where we come in!)
  • The Future of Work

Each week contains jam-packed sessions with reputable speakers talking within the boundaries of those sections. You can view the full programme and register here.

Making a lasting impact to the freelance folk

The work Freelance Business Community does is ever-evolving as the industry adapts to the shift in work and the economy.

An initiative like #freelancegurus features the success stories of freelancers on social, and the #iamfreelance campaign aims to raise the visibility of freelance work.

There are also resources like blogs and newsletters to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

Join the Freelance Business Community this Freelance Business Month, and show your support for #EFWeek2022 during 14 – 21 October.

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