Racheal Cooks – A small business success story amid a pandemic

If you sit down and compare your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions versus what you know now, how much have they changed? Did you expect to get a promotion? Buy a house? Start a business? Take up a new hobby? And, how has Covid impacted these goals?

For one woman, Racheal Motojesi, Covid most certainly has been a life changing event. Challenged during this time, Racheal was mentally in a dark place, fighting through the noise by taking the time to focus on herself. Through regular exercise and meditation Racheal realised that her passion, drive and love of cooking is her happy place, and when she shares this love, she reaps endless amounts of joy. And, from this Racheal Cooks was born, a resource of African Fusion inspired recipes, cooking tips, and how-to videos.

Racheal spent the early part of her childhood in her West African home country of Nigeria, learning the language and culture. A natural knack for cooking had Racheal spoiling family and friends on the regular with her delicious dishes inspired by her roots.

A collaborative launch effort in the face of Covid

It took courage for Racheal to launch her brand in such an unprecedented time in the world. And her clientele and followers have pushed her brand by supporting her with orders and interacting on social media.

Racheal’s work ethics originates from her time in corporate, while her business successes have developed from the mentorship she receives from Kofi Oppong, founder of Urban MBA, a charity that delivers enterprise and employability training. Kofi has helped Racheal with developing three critical thinking steps in the business process:

  • Think it
  • Plan it, and
  • Execute it

From this, Racheal has developed a business structure with focus, and Kofi’s business coaching plays a massive role in keeping Racheal on the path to success. She has been exposed to a network of like mind entrepreneurs through Urban MBA – networks who also played a role in planning and executing the successful launch of Racheal Cooks.

The newly founded small business also occupies work space in Arc Club, a coworking hub in Homerton, London, where the welcoming team jumped at the opportunity for Racheal to host the launch in their shared space.

The amount of support Racheal received ahead of the launch from sponsors was unbelievable – the devastation that the Coronavirus caused has also prompted people to band together more than ever. Some of the sponsored elements included:

  • Face masks by One Race Unite
  • Cupcakes by Kandy Kouture World
  • Waitering staff by J V Hospitality
  • Homemade shea butter by Ife Organics 

Making use of social platforms

Racheal has also taken to YouTube starting her own channel, going by the same name, during quarantine providing great dishes and techniques. She has received positive feedback from her followers, and her ease in front of the camera has led her to becoming the host on Urban MBA’s Enterprise Show, interviewing entrepreneurs on their newly found small business.

Racheal’s social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram are a treat for the senses with tasty visuals and interesting videos.

Inspiration for future entrepreneurs

Racheal works hard towards setting an example for her young son, Ayomide-Joshua, exposing him to the entrepreneurial world and what it takes to run a business, inspiring him to change his world one day too.   

It can be tough to balance the roles of a business owner and mum, but, it is important to surround yourself with a strong network. A group of people you can count on, that support you, that are kind to you and encourage you to overcome any hurdle that comes your way.

Take your passion and focus your attitude on putting your fear aside to achieve success! Surround yourself with a network, be guided by a mentor and enjoy the journey.

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