This Week in Freelancing: June 11

Welcome to week 23’s edition of This Week in Freelancing!

This week we discuss the function of a website for a freelancer, touch on the sunny days and encourage you to be prepared ahead of the 21st of June.

You’re invited to join our event coming up this week, and are reminded that #EFWeek2021 is also kicking off soon! So watch this space!

And lastly, a book recommendation that’s a bit different from our usual faves.

Freelancers and website

To have, or not to have?

As a freelancer, having a website seems like an important part of any business or marketing plan, but we also know that the best projects come from word of mouth. 

Often referrals are facilitated through social media conversations on LinkedIn and other social media platforms thus bypassing the need for a website. 

But there is still a need for this element in a freelance business.

It becomes more of a shop window saying to a potential client; ‘you’ve heard about me, now see some of my work and who I am.’

This gives the client a good indication of whether  they’d like to work with you.

If you need a website, take a look at and create a page to promote who you are and what you do in one link.

Working outside

Suns out, guns out

The warmer weather is driving people to the outdoors, and they’re getting pretty creative!

Scores of people are using a good ol’ cardboard box to be able to see their laptop screen while soaking up the sun.

Remember to —

  • Avoid burning and wear sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated and drink water
  • Take breaks from the hot sun

21 June 2021

Be prepared

We know Covid isn’t going anywhere soon, and it’s a hotly debated topic as to whether the complete restriction is going to be lifted on the 21st of June.

Either way, think ahead and start future proofing, put contingency plans in place and make sure you’re as agile and adaptable to continue working whatever the conditions are.

Lead Magnet Masterpieces

How to choose the right lead magnet?

In marketing there are an arrays of lead magnets to choose from, it becomes overwhelming when you start looking into them. 

Questions such as “which one is right for my business”, “which ones are the most successful” pop up. 

Kenda Macdonald, a marketing expert, can help ease your mind by answering these questions.

Join the Meetup event here.

Freelancers Week

#EFW2021 is kicking off soon

It’s just about that time of the year again, and #EFW2021 is gearing up for another fantastic celebration of all things freelancers in Europe.

More to follow on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Watch this space!

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