This Week in Freelancing: April 29

Welcome to the third edition of Velvet Platform’s This Week in Freelancing! 

This week we look at how many freelancers have a formal pricing process in place. 

We give details of Freelance Heroes Day coming up on May 16th, as well as an opportunity to speak at the Freelance Business for Writers event on June 3rd and 4th.

And, as ever we suggest some excellent reads and courses for you.

The Pricing Process

How many freelancers have a formal pricing process?

A significant number of freelancers don’t have a formal pricing process in place and those who do find themselves reluctant to provide their pricing structure and terms. 

Why is that? Freelancers tend to lack confidence when it comes to pricing because they are fearful that they will lose the business over their pricing, or sometimes they get caught up with the scope of the project and it doesn’t occur to them until work has started, to get everything in writing. Sometimes they bring it up reluctantly, almost with an apology at the end of a meeting. 

No matter why it is, down the line it can play havoc with their cash flow.  

For example, they may state 30 days to pay their invoice when their client pays all suppliers after 90 days. 

Freelancers need to help themselves, it’s best to mention pricing upfront rather than getting your fingers burnt. It works both ways, if the client doesn’t like your terms, they are probably not the client for you.

Freelance Heroes Day

Celebrating freelancers

On May 16th every year, UK freelancers come together online for Freelance Heroes Day, to pay tribute to Freelance Heroes, grow their network and expand their knowledge of the freelance industry. 

It gives independent professionals the tools to help them increase their confidence and to position themselves better.

This year there is another fantastic line up of topics and speakers for Freelance Heroes Day based around the theme of The Future of Work.  

Specific highlights include:

  • A panel of businesses using freelancers to help them grow.
  • A panel discussion including Daniel Bridge, who will talk about mental wellbeing and how to protect ourselves in this new world. 
  • Ella Orr, a social media specialist, who will explain how to embrace social media whilst being mindful of mental wellbeing, so that freelancing doesn’t become detrimental to the business and ourselves.
  • Ed Goodman will look at how to harness the power of being able to ask for help, removing the fears of judgement or mockery.

And that’s not all!  Because it’s the 5th birthday of the event, this year Freelance Heroes Day will be a three-day event! Along with the annual Twitter chat on Sunday May 16th, there’s a great two-day line-up of workshops, talks, panel discussions, and networking sessions for freelancers and small business owners across the UK.

Not to be missed… Book now!

Freelance Business for Writers

Copywriters, journalists, translators

On June the 3rd and 4th, the Freelance Business Community will host two days of online talks, discussions and workshops aimed at focusing on specific freelancer profiles. Copywriters, journalists and translators from around the world will connect with others offering similar services.

Plus… they’re calling for creatives in this industry who would like to share their stories or teach their skill, to submit a talk for consideration.

Take part as a speaker or get your ticket here.


Who’s the business?

You’re the business 

By Anna Codrea-Rado

It’s made our list again, but that’s just because it’s a must-read if you haven’t since we last recommended it…

Freelancing Courses

Sophie Cross who recently launched The Freelance Magazine also runs Thoughtfully, and offers exceptionally good marketing and mindset courses. 

To find out more and see how you can benefit, read here.

Don’t Forget

Thank Freelance; it’s Friday

Join Ed Goodman from Freelance Heroes on Friday 29 April at 1 PM BST for this week’s edition of T.F.I.F. 

Address popular freelancer questions and network with your peers.

Join via Facebook and on YouTube and watch the replay – you can also subscribe to get an alert every week.

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