This Week in Freelancing: April 16

Welcome to the first edition of This Week in Freelancing!

Here we’ll be sharing the latest news and views for you as a freelancer and we’ll connect you with pretty awesome people.

This week we look at legislation for limited companies, zoom in on hiring trends, discuss wellbeing as a freelancer and tip you off on some local coworking spaces to check out

We share a must attend event, touch on some tech and recommend some of our favourite reads at the moment.

News and politics

IR35 is on the cards

It’s been put off for a year, but now the issue of IR35 is in the spotlight again, this piece of legislature ensures that certain national insurances and PAYE are not avoided by limited companies. 

If you’re running a compliant freelancing business then you shouldn’t run into any problems – but it is worth consulting with your accountant or a lawyer to make sure you tick all the boxes to avoid penalties.

It’s natural to feel anxious about this, but it’s likely not to be the headache we’re expecting. For more information on it, find some useful links here:

Understanding off-payroll working (IR35) 

What is IR35? 

What does inside IR35 mean? 

Hiring trends

The future of work needs us

Gone are the days when clients looked within their vicinity for freelancers. As we all explore the opportunity for doing business over digital platforms, the need for face to face meetings is decreasing. 

Restrictions have limited us, but they have also offered us the most golden opportunity to work across borders with ease. 

As freelancers our pool has grown significantly.

Companies that have downsized and lost staff are on the lookout for talent able to do the tasks at hand – freelancers are in the shop window now more than ever.

The future of work means that we are an integral part of powering up the planet again.


Realize that we can’t do this alone

No freelancer is an island so you shouldn’t operate alone.

Perhaps the challenges that Covid has thrown at us has opened us up to this realization.

In the UK there are 4.8 million self-employed, and 2 million of those are freelancers – the best support comes from those remaining 2.8 million.

It is imperative to have a network of like-minded people – people who have walked the same path as you, who have solved problems and celebrated the smallest victories to share the rocky journey with.

Whether an intentional or accidental entrepreneur – we need one another.

Check out these communities to join:

Freelance Heroes

European Freelancers Week

Freelance Business


A melting pot of ideas and connections

Many of us have had experiences that have put us off or feel that coworking spaces may not be talking to us in their marketing – but truth be told, we’re entering into a new era.

Coworking spaces have a unique opportunity to welcome freelancers, startups and remote workers into a melting pot of ideas and connections.

Local spaces are opening up within neighbourhoods for convenience, community and much needed human connection.

Consider these local coworking spaces:

Impact Brixton

ARC Club

Creative Works.Space

Upcoming Events

Freelance Heroes celebrates its third birthday this year, and the Freelance Heroes Day from the 16th – 18th of May.

Hosted on Twitter with panel discussions and Q&A’s about the Future of Work, how you as a freelancer take your business to the next level, and much more.

Find out more here.

Popular Apps

Clubhouse is in the house

Clubhouse has become popular for its trendy conversations and big names that you’ll find within this chat app. Only available on IOS, it comes with loads of live discussions and good content once you’ve waded through the self-promotional punts.

Stereo is also an option, and more inclusive in terms of devices.


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books which is kind of the same thing

You’re the business: How to Build a Successful Career When You Strike Out Alone

By Anna Codrea-Rado

Just ask – why seeking support is your best strength

By Andy Lopata

Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind)

By Jessica Seal

One last thing

Join in on excellent conversations that are right up your alley

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