In Search Of A Safe Working Environment

It is reported that 84% of companies operating within the IoT space have reported an IoT related security breach. In 2019, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million per breach.  China, North America and Western Europe make up 67% of IoT usage.

Hard-hitting numbers, right?

While one can sit back with hands folded and say that these figures are not relevant to you, your information or your business – you are incorrect. 

Data breaches, including data listening, loss or interception, or the blocking of sensitive information processing systems are every business’s ‘business’ and should be taken seriously. And, at a time when the world of work is shifting, the threat is even more serious. As droves of people are working from home or working remotely from anywhere, predators are able to make easy targets for our new way of working.

If you weren’t security conscious before, now is a good time to become more aware

Connecting to an open network in a shared environment, be it a café, coworking space or hotel, poses a great risk of data breaches. Some companies have been proactive in ensuring their remote worker’s internet connections are secure. But what if you’re a small business, coworker or entrepreneur and don’t have the knowledge or time to safeguard yourself properly?

Coworking spaces perform their due diligence to ensure all members are vetted to a certain extent, obviously not wanting to expose the community to tricksters, while still ensuring new members are made to feel welcome. Of course, you want all users of your space to feel easy and relaxed, but because you can’t know the intent of everyone sitting around you, you need to protect your data from compromise.

Finding the solution to secure working environments shouldn’t be challenging

A few companies are taking it to the extreme, for example exploring meeting rooms with electromagnetic and acoustic insulation.

While coworking spaces allocate each member unique WiFi credentials and a password, it’s also entirely possible to create a VLAN for each worker to enhance digital security, but this is usually complex, time-consuming and expensive.

And as an individual, you can make use of a VPN, but this comes with its own challenges. There’s also the ability to work from your personal hotspot, but this too has a list of cons.

Extraordinary solutions are a click of a switch away

Signify’s solution, Trulifi enables connectivity via light waves, installed in overhead lighting for secure internet solutions. Accessed via a USB access key that transmits between the transceiver in the ceiling, connectivity is safe, and what’s more – rock solid.

This security is especially useful for creating secure meeting rooms too, even those made primarily of glass. When setting Trulifi up, it is strategically placed above tables, whereas WiFi reaches the entire room. Trulifi is targeted in areas that are meant for doing business, and doing so safely.

This extraordinary innovation ensures coworking spaces can confidently advertise a secure working environment and secure meeting rooms, coworkers can focus on what they need to deliver, and businesses can feel safe knowing that they are protected by cutting edge technology.

Or, very simply put, the answer to a secure working environment, with low risk and a great internet connection, will come to you like a light bulb going on – pun intended!

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