Experience true productivity with the #TrulifiNook

5 November 2020, Amsterdam: The fifth European Freelancers Week (EFWeek) that took place from 16 to 25 October, aimed to raise awareness of the Freelancer Ecosystem in Europe. Coworking spaces, technology companies, and freelancers were encouraged to host events, however large or small, digital or in person to share stories, inspire collaboration and act as a catalyst for change in the new working environments.

This year, EFWeek saw the likes of Smart Collective and The Events Calendar as sponsors, with partners including Cowork Tools, CCCSEE, Syncaroo, Malt, Freelancing.eu, Freelance Business Community, Wishlist, Included.co, AllWork, Urban MBA, na volne noze, Freelance Heroes. On the ground sponsors, Nook Wellness Pods and Signify also teamed up for a world first collaboration.

The #TrulifiNook has made its way into the Creative Works space in London for a three week long showcase of LiFi, super stable and secure internet via light waves, and Nook Pods a quiet and focussed environment for productivity. The hub provides a spot for independent professionals to connect effortlessly, with the ability to control their immediate environment, finding uninterrupted space to knuckle down and deliver.

The campaign kicked off with a session of sharing between Nook Wellness Pod’s, David O’Coimin and Signify’s, Karen Bamford, on Friday October 23rd in an effort to find uninterrupted productivity with the #TrulifiNook.

LiFi technology delivers rock-steady internet that is also really secure, as light waves don’t travel through walls. A USB access key, plugged into the laptop or tablet then receives the data from the transceiver in the ceiling. With 200 Mbps up and 140Mbps download speed, LiFi is the ideal wireless connectivity solution for shared working spaces where flexibility is key and fixed network cables are a nuisance. With so many corporate employees now seeking to WNH (work near home), Trulifi enables coworking spaces to offer the secure connectivity solution their employers expect.

Nook Wellness Pods are designed with neurodiversity in mind, providing a corner where lighting and sound can be controlled, delivering that quiet space without the feeling of isolation. The Pods have a high level of cleanability and are also a great way to control health and safely as they come equipped with sanitizers and screens. Nooks improve the wellbeing of coworkers in workspaces, learners at school and create an oasis of quiet for meetings and recharge at events.

Bernie and Tash experience the #TrulifiNook at Creative Works.

Coworkers can find the #TrulifiNook at Creative Works until 13 November to witness this collaborative effort and experience uninterrupted productivity. Coworking spaces that are interested in hosting this pod can get in touch with Karen from Signify on karen.bamford@signify.com.

More info and photos can be found at HERE.

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