Top 10 Podcasts For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you are probably juggling a million things at once.

Unlike many other jobs, you have to deal with marketing your services, invoicing, and all of the work you need to turn in to your clients.

This can leave little time to pursue other interests, one of which is probably how to better your career.

Well, we have the answer for you. Podcasts!

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information without having to change your schedule or try to find more time in your already busy day.

Podcasts can help you discover new tools that can help you run your business better as well as get inspiration from the success (and struggles) of other freelancers.

Here are 10 podcasts that you should pop on while at work, in the car, or even in the shower.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is one of the most popular freelancers around.

His self-titled show offers some great guests from many different fields.

His episodes offer advice from everything on how to run your business to how mindfulness affects our everyday lives.

The Accidental Creative

“The Accidental Creative” encourages freelancers to embrace the things that make them unique and to use those talents to change their world for the better.

They offer unique, well-thought-out ideas for freelancers to use, regardless of what field they are in.

Freelance Transformation

“The Freelance Transformation Podcast” is a weekly show with a cast of freelancers who have found great success in their field. They answer questions on how to price services, how to find clients, and how to build a sustainable and longlasting freelance career.

The Fizzle Show

“The Fizzle Show” helps people who are new to freelancing to get started in the right direction.

It is focused on freelancers who are in creative fields and want to make a living doing something they are passionate about.


“Unemployable” is perfect for anyone who loves to learn from people who are proven experts in the field of freelancing.

They have interviews with agency founders, freelancers who have successfully broken free from the typical 9-5 and learned how to hustle.

This podcast is best listened to when you have an hour or 2 to spend on them.

Clients From Hell

“Clients From Hell” is the perfect podcast for anyone who deals with the type of clients that tempt us to quit freelancing and pick up a job at the local fast-food joint.

You will hear hilarious and relatable stories about cheapskate clients, arrogant clients, and the just plain annoying ones.

This podcast will leave you laughing and feeling better knowing you aren’t the only one who has to deal with so much ridiculousness as a freelancer.

The Invisible Office Hours

“The Invisible Office Hours” offers insightful tips for anyone exploring the tricky career path of combining commerce and creativity.

The hosts Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook are both successful in their own areas of freelancing and have great (and funny) advice that many freelancers will find useful.

Smart Passive Income

“Smart Passive Income” is one of the original freelance advice bloggers on the internet.

Pat Flynn has helped many people turn their passions into profit.

This is a great podcast for anyone who has hit a rut in their business and needs some tips on how to overcome almost any obstacle you’re facing.

The Freelance Podcast

“The Freelance Podcast” is run by RJ McCollam. He is a successful freelancer with amazing advice on everything from how to price your work to the ups and downs of being a long-term freelancer. Each podcast is only about 30 minutes long, so they are perfect for a quick drive to the store or bringing the kids to school.

The Solopreneur Hour

“The Solopreneur Hour” is a fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Michael O’Neal offers some great tips on how to build a long-term business as a freelancer from day one.

His focus on building a strong fondation for your career from the bottom up is something everyone can benefit from, even if you aren’t just starting out.

He releases 2 to 3 new podcasts a week and they range from 20 minutes to over an hour, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits in your schedule.

Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
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