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Calling out #EFWeek sponsors

 The third edition of #EFWeek will take place from October 12 to 21, 2018 all across Europe

European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) is an annual series of independent events held under a common branding in different European countries. It is the world’s largest festival celebrating independent work and helping millions of Europeans discover the Freelance Economy.

The third edition of #EFWeek will take place from October 12 to 21, 2018 all across Europe. A total number of 65 (and counting) organisations have preregistered to organise events during #EFWeek. The official call for events submission will open on August 1.

The continued rise of independent work is driving organisations, large and small, to rethink the way how they connect with freelancers and flexibilise their workforce.

Estimates by McKinsey predict that 70% of the working population in Europe will become freelance by 2030.

Companies with the strongest types of freelancers’ networks connected to their core business model tend to win, and win big. — Digital McKinsey Survey, 2016

Organisations need to develop a broader talent strategy that acknowledges the new diversity within the workplace and reflects the growing number of non-employee contributors. They need to understand how to appeal to and engage with workers of all kinds. This will add competitive advantages: access to specialised skills to staff project-based work and agility in the face of volatile and complex business environment.

#EFWeek provides a great fit with what many organisations promoting independent work are doing. It is a chance for you to connect with thousands of freelancers across Europe. #EFWeek puts you at the forefront of the Freelance Economy in Europe and provides you with the opportunity to showcase your initiatives and gather valuable feedback from outside your peers.

A growing number of companies draw on freelancers to enhance the performance of their businesses and 40% of companies expect to increase their use of contingent workers in the next five years. — Ernst & Young, 2016

#EFWeek is coordinated by a coalition of national freelancers’ associations in 11 EU countries (BE, NL, UK, FR, IT, ES, PL, SE, RO, HR, DE) with an approximate direct reach of 135.000 freelancers (the members of the national associations) and indirect reach of 3.6 million freelancers (the entire number of freelancers in 11 EU countries).

Last year #EFWeek featured 103 events in 26 countries all across Europe from Portugal to Finland and from Scotland to Greece. Around 3.000 freelancers have taken part in these events (30 freelancers per event) with an additional 15.000 website visits and 500.000 social media outreach. We expect to double all these figures for 2018.

#EFWeek events in 2017

In previous years #EFWeek was supported by more than 30 organisations including the European Forum of Independent Professionals, the European Coworking Assembly, the European Committee of the RegionsSmart EUWeWorkEuro FreelancersOuiShare and the Estonian Government E-Residency Program.

Some of #EFWeek Sponsors in 2016 and 2017

#EFWeek has also tied up partnerships with 35 Network Partners, typically coworking spaces or non-profits that will organise multiple events during #EFWeek and will help with dissemination, PR and content creation.

We have several sponsorship opportunities, from top-level branding to individual event support, starting from as little as 1,000 €.

In addition, sponsors can participate as speakers to our launch event in Berlin on October 12.

The event will be hosted by SMart Germany and will address the topic of Freelancers’ Collaboration, which is the theme of #EFWeek 2018, aiming to drive all local events towards one objective: create an ecosystem of support, protection and collaboration, made by freelancers, for freelancers.

Sponsors can also offer “special deals” to freelancers and event attendees during #EFWeek. These are typically discounts or promotional offers that we will feature on our website and which European freelancers can redeem. To #EFWeek partners and sponsors promoting those deals we will not charge any commission fees from the generated revenues.

The contributions we receive from sponsors will be used to pay for content development, marketing materials, online and offline promotion, dedicated media coverage, and communication toolkits.

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