Grow Your Freelancer Network With Seats2Meet Passport

The European Freelancers Week is the world’s most extensive annual campaign celebrating independent work and shows the Freelance Economy, which is often hidden, to millions of Europeans every year.

It’s a lot: many countries, many events, many people.
It’s many languages, many opportunities.

So how do you, as a freelancer, or someone interested in freelancing, as a coworking space or a business, find your way through the maze?

Also, how can we provide an environment where the contacts and connections made during our week-long event, can lead to long-term and sustainable relationships?

This year we are proud to announce that as part of our partnership with Seats2Meet, you can also find all the events, the organisers, the speakers and the attendees on the S2M Passport.

Click to join the Seats2Meet Passport here in one minute

Using the Passport requires only your name and an email address.

You do not need to provide any other information to use the Passport.

The information you provide, who sees what information and how that information gets used with it is entirely in your control.

The Passport will show you events near you, or events online, or events about a particular subject, just as you like.

It will match you to other users, events, locations, and content.
You can ask questions about freelancing, and it will match your question to experts in the ecosystem.

The theme for this years European Freelancers Week is “Freelancers Assemble” and connecting via the passport is a way to connect the week and beyond so you can join with fellow freelancers and build relationships.

We look forward to seeing you on the Passport.

Click to join the Seats2Meet Passport here in one minute

Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
#EFWeek Team

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