Grow Your Freelancer Network With Seats2Meet Passport

The European Freelancers Week is the world’s most extensive annual campaign celebrating independent work and shows the Freelance Economy, which […]

Improving the Uber experience: Working together with Drivers

An artist, a bouncer and an MBA student walk into a room, and they all have something surprising in common… […]

Interview: Why freelancers in Europe should apply for e-Residency

Today we’ve chatted with Alex Wellman, Head of Marketing at e-Residency to understand the benefits for freelancers to apply for […]

Working Together, But Not With Anybody

This year’s theme of European Freelancers Week is Working Together in the New Economy. It is a crucial topic, as […]

Toptal + EFWeek: Why (and How) We Support the Remote Work Revolution

Pietro Grandinetti was working on a Big Data project at CNRS when a coworker told him that they freelanced part-time […]

Top 10 Podcasts For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you are probably juggling a million things at once. Unlike many other jobs, you have to deal […]

Julianne Becker: On Jumping From Freelancing Into Coliving And Coworking

We recently got to speak with the talented Julianne Becker from Climb Glean, which is a village just outside of Berlin, Germany […]

Freelancing in the Netherlands… What to expect?

Becoming a freelancer is very popular in the Netherlands. The number of self-employed people continues to grow. At this moment […]

A Simple Guide On How To Create An Event For European Freelancers Week!

We’d love you to run an event for EFweek, and this post will guide you through where to find what […]

Christian Cordes

We got to sit down with Christian Cordes, the project manager of Shiller40, a co-working space in Wolfsburg, Germany. Why […]

Advice from a freelance translator: go to a coworking space

Today we sat down with Annelise Meyer, a freelance translator with some great advice to offer peole who are new […]

People choose to become freelancers

We sat down with Shiraz Mahfoudhi, the country launcher for Malt. Please tell us who you are and where you’re […]

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