Meet our new key partner:

The team that stepped up to enhance #EFWeek experience

Each year we strive to improve the European Freelancers Week experience and its relevance, appeal and impact on freelancers, but also on related businesses and service providers that make our everyday operations and life easier, more secure or pleasurable.

Over the last few months, we’ve led many conversations with companies that share our commitment to supporting, connecting and mobilising European Freelancers.

One of those companies is Their team rolled up their sleeves with a great willingness to contribute to the impact of the Freelancers’ Movement, not only this year, but for the foreseeable future. During our discussions, brainstorming sessions and number crunching, we mapped out some of the key challenges and found creative ways turning them into opportunities.

“Entrepreneurship takes many forms, and freelancing is one of its purest. There’s something equally liberating and frightening about going at it for yourself, but gone are the days that you have to go at it alone. This is exactly why it’s important for us to support inspiring campaigns like European Freelancers Week.” — Hector Kolonas,’s founder and a long-time freelance web developer. secures great prices on best-in-class products and services

One of the paths identified is offering means to freelancers for discovering and testing new products, tools and services at discounted price, under special circumstances, or totally free during #EFWeek.

In 2018, thanks to, we will introduce open submissions for special deals that could lend a hand to freelancers to achieve their full potential and goals.

Preregister now to receive information when the submissions launch!, our Technology Partner, will be providing #EFWeek with a range of tech, marketing, outreach, and content support letting us focus on making 2018’s European Freelancers Week impactful as never before. believes that by making entrepreneurship more connected and supported, millions of people around the world will be able to further improve their living conditions, livelihoods and local neighbourhoods. They deliver this global connectivity and support by providing the members and operators of 300+ entrepreneurial communities with business-enabling opportunities, products and services, sourced through a global network and aggregated shared buying-power.

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