Kate Tattersfield’s Freelance Ecosystem in London

What are you working on, and what do you love about it?

My working day usually involves researching and writing about what’s new and exciting in the coworking sector.

So far this week I’ve visited Mainyard Studios (a workspace for creatives in Bow), discovered a new coworking space in Finsbury Park that’s giving back to the local community, created email marketing newsletters, written a handful of area guides, conducted an interview for a Q&A series – I’ve even edited a poem about how the concept of “work” is evolving!

I love what I do; namely the variety, freedom and the opportunities to connect with interesting people.

Where do you interact with other freelancers in your industry or topic area?

At Creative Works a coworking space in Walthamstow – I have a coworking membership there.

What benefits have you and your business got from being in contact with other freelancers?

Working in a space with other freelancers works wonders for alleviating loneliness.

I’ve managed to get some new work by virtue of being there but the main benefit for me is getting to interact with other people and have a laugh over a coffee.

What is the one thing that is missing where you live that would support your freelance career?

I live and work in Waltham Forest and there’s a lot of support available for local businesses, such as Forge, a free business support programme.

I really can’t think of anything!

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