How To Run An Amazing Event In Your Coworking Space

How to run an EFWeek Event in your coworking space

One of the best things you can do in European Freelancers Week is to run an event in a coworking space.

And the best event you can run is the one you are most confident you can make happen and will be the most fun for everyone.  

For three simple ways to help in European Freelancers Week see this post here

What does an EFWeek event in a coworking space look like?

Have a look at what will work for the coworking space, the members and the extended community around the coworking space. 

If you have floor space and the resources you can have an all-day like TEDx style event with speakers and breakout sessions. 

Many coworking spaces have a simple bring and share lunch and focus on one topic around Freelancing.


1. Do Something Around A Table

The easiest thing is to organise is a group of people having a coffee or lunch around a table and chatting about Freelancing and ecosystems.

Stuck for where to begin? 

Ask people what the word ecosystem means to them, and it will help people get a shared understanding and reveal examples. 


2. Run A Workshop

The next type of event you could run is a workshop.

How you run the workshops is up to you and the time and space you have, but letting people know there is a more structured event on for them to learn through is excellent. 

A half-day of speakers sharing educational and inspiring talks is an excellent format if you have people in the community around the coworking space you can bring in. 


3. Throw A Party

If you have sunny weather and outdoor space, throw a BBQ and get together in the name of Freelancing!

The handbook here has more details about how to run events and support and feel free to get in touch if you need help. 

How Do You Make An Event?

It is always a good idea to have a way for people to sign up. 

This means you know:

  • Who is coming
  • How many people are coming
  • And you can get in touch with people again after. 

You can make an event on an app or platform you use already and add the link from that event to our event page

Most software for running a coworking space has some kind of event feature, check to see if yours does.  


Some popular places to run events on are: – if you already run a regular meet up, add it to our event page – a free platform that allows people to RSVP with Twitter or email. 


Eventbrite – one of the most established event platforms, you can get a long way with the free features. 


Google Forms – this is a free tool by google where you can build a form so people can sign up. 

You can collect email addresses and ask questions. 


Facebook – has a built-in event feature, people can only RSVP if they have a facebook profile. 

You can also post an event in a group, so only those people can see it and RSVP. 

A popular move is to add an event on facebook with a link to the central booking site elsewhere. 


Linkedin has only recently reintroduced events after removing the feature a few years ago. 

Not every user has access to events, if you do, I recommend going for it! Linkedin is full of professional people seeking both connection and education. 

This link here will take you to instructions for Linkedin Events.


RSVPify is an incredibly simple RSVP tool – this is an example of an event we did at our coworking space. 


WordPress if your website is built WordPress head to the Plugins section and look for event plugins, only choose one with a high rating and check it is compatible with your version of WordPress. 

Marketing Your Events: 

One of the best resources in the world is the long-running Event Manager Blog founded by our friends Julius and Carmen in 2007. 

They have researched and written about events and the event industry three times a week since then. 

I would encourage you to head to this page about Event Planning and Marketing that they update every year with step by step instructions that are bang up to date. 

Click here for the blog post and make sure you bookmark it! 


Be sure to add your Meet Up or event to our website here so we can help spread the word. 


What Should My Event Be About?

Getting people talking about freelancing in a coworking space in a focused way is a good thing. 

Freelancing can be lonely, and sometimes you don’t know who to ask what. 

Indeed, some of my best insights come from sitting around the lunch table as people discuss everything from how to pitch a big company to all those tricky tax questions. 

Making an event for people to talk about how to hire freelancers is also something you could consider. 

Unless people have been a freelancer or hire them regularly, they are very unsure of everything from rates, how to pay, what tools to use or even about working remotely. 

What is this year’s theme? 

The Efweek theme this year is ‘Ecosystems’ which is designed to spark conversations about networks. 

This post goes into more detail about the Ecosystem theme. 

A quick example is this, as a freelancer, I’m ‘plugged’ into several ecosystems which are:

I work as part of a Coop called Guerrilla Media Collective where we work remotely. 


The coworking space I’m a member of is an ecosystem, where I help run a group of Meet Ups.


The European Coworking community is also an ecosystem. 


The Freelance Heroes group in the UK is part of my ecosystem. 


There are a few online courses and communities I am part of, and we have slack channels to connect. 


Then other groups and projects over the years have formed their own ecosystems, and some have grown into things like Co-tech in the UK and Happy Dev in France.

One of the best things about EFweek is always the number of events that end up happening, 100’s of independent initiatives and meetups take place, and this number grows every year.

We hope you’ll take part, get in touch if you have a question!

Be sure to add your Meet Up or event to our website here so we can help spread the word. 

Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
#EFWeek Team

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