How Does Coworking Work For Freelancers? With Steve Morgan


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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Morgan, a freelance SEO & online marketing consultant and the owner of a coworking space in Cardiff.

Steve has over 9 years of experience in SEO and has been freelancing since 2013. You can find out more about him on his blog SEOno

The theme this year for EFWeek is ecosystems.

What are the ecosystems available to you by being part of a coworking space?

It works on multiple levels. In terms of the community, there are two aspects of it. There are the people you sit and chat with physically.

Then there is the Facebook group. The Facebook group allows you to connect to people that you don’t see at the coworking space.

Either they are there at different times than you or they work at the second location. 

Another aspect of the ecosystem is that I’m the only dedicated SEO person, but there are other marketers that I can chat with and pick their brains and vice versa.

It is also great because since most of us are freelancers I can talk to people about things like taxes or other things that all freelancers deal with. 

How have the meetups and events that you run helped you learn and connect as a freelancer?

I started a meetup called Cardiff SEO Meet. It’s an SEO meetup that has been running for about two or three years now.

It ties in with my passions of SEO and events management. A couple of the members worked for a big name company in Cardiff.

I didn’t know the company was based in Cardiff or that I had some of their employees attending my meetup.

At one point they said “we work for such and such company, we should bring you in to help us” and shortly after they became a client.

It was an amazing opportunity and I probably wouldn’t have met them if I wasn’t hosting/attending a meetup.

Another great aspect of meetups is that I can get a feel for who could be a future employee, not only a future employer.

The meetups have helped my business grow in multiple ways. 

Meetups aren’t something that everyone enjoys, but networking can be a great way for freelancers to increase their business. What advice do you have for people to do that?

Try different things and see what works for you. You may not like certain things but you might also find that it was important for you to give it a try.

Also, try something multiple times and in multiple different ways, Meetups and networking events can be completely different experiences depending on the group or the people who attend particular meetings.

If one group doesn’t work, try going at another time or on another day. Really make sure something doesn’t work for you before giving up.

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