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Global Coworking Survey 2017

Today, the biggest worldwide study of coworking is officially underway, reflecting a better understanding of various facets behind the movement in order to support sustainable growth.

How are the relations amongst coworkers? How do coworking spaces stay viable? The Global Coworking Survey collects responses from current and former coworking space owners, operators, and members from around the world.

Their responses, published into free reports, provide comprehensive results on the coworking movement. You can continue to support the movement by taking part in this year’s survey, and by becoming an official supporter. The name and logo of official supporters will be included in all published materials related to the survey.

Deskmag launches the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, examining the international coworking movement. The survey is now open, and the first results will be available by the end of this month.



The results of the sixth survey will provide invaluable insight into the coworking movement, which continues to grow at an exceptional rate. It will shed light on the development and evolution of various topics within the industry, and will allow comparisons to last year’s data to be drawn. Last year, more than 1,500 participants filled in the questionnaire. The results, published into reports, will provide a comprehensive overview of the growing coworking movement.

The questionnaire will also focus on levels of hard collaboration that take place within coworking spaces, the well-being of members, and many more topics that are of interest to coworkers and operators everywhere but areyet to be thoroughly explored.

As is tradition, the survey is 100% anonymous. By ensuring anonymity, it is hoped that the respondents experience a level of comfort that allows them be as honest as possible. This results in the collection of the most comprehensive, accurate and un-biased data available.

The main results of the Global Coworking Survey have always been, and will continue to be, made available to the public free of charge. In addition, they are now presented at coworking conferences around the world. Making these results available to all is a public service to the industry, and reflects the spirit of sharing and collaboration inherent to coworking.


The survey wouldn’t be possible without your responses and your support!

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