SplitBiz #011 Get yourself FIREd – Financial Independence; Retire Early

Event Details

Summer has been a time of change for us all, but we’re happy to announce that SplitBiz is back, just in time for Freelancers Week 2019!

Tanja from Saltwater and Michael from ENSOCO will host a very special evening where we hear all about FIRE – Financially Independence, Retire Early.

It’s something we all strive for, but many believe is just simply out of reach. How can we invest today for an easier tomorrow? How can we live the life we want, without having to kill ourselves doing so? We’ll be looking at how.

We will be welcoming a very interesting panel to tell you what they’re doing in order to be in the FIRE. We’ll discuss strategies, investments, what works well and what doesn’t work so well, and how confidence has such an important role to play.

The panel:

Vanja Perić, her Slavonian hardworking ethic clashed with her Dalmatian fjaka and pushed her to research the world of financial independence! As an investment advisor herself, she has spoken to hundreds of individuals who are looking to save smart and stop working.

Dean Ljubičić retired at 35. Long interested in the terms of passive income and compound interest, he diversified his portfolio, made some smart investments and has found himself moving towards where he wants to be. He’ll share his ideas of how to do the same in Croatia.

Anthony Derro, having swapped his puck for picigin, and his 9-5 to more flexibility, he has learnt more about FIRE through attending conferences in Romania and Hungary, and will share this experience with you.

Katarina Sekelez, a financial analyst, will share her freelancer journey into becoming an EU funding consultant. She’ll discuss rural development opportunities, specifically areas between Zadar and Split, perhaps one route to FIRE.

The location:

The wonderful Markvs Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar will be hosting this event, where you will be able to buy your favourite tipple, as they boast some excellent beers and spirits. The bar is just up the cobbled road from the Grad Split Museum, round the corner from Nadalina, accessible from Peristil or Zlatna Vrata.

We’ll be in their VIP room, if you don’t know where that is, just ask the bar staff or follow the fiery signs.


Get there at 20.00, grab a drink, have a chat, and we will begin at 20.30!

The Venue

Great jazz bar with wide drink selection.

Marvlvs Library and Jazz Bar, Papalićeva ul. 4 split

How To Attend

The event is free, but you do need to RSVP as space is limited.

Secure your place here.

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