Freelance Ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Event Details

The first meet-up organized by Association Freelance in BiH to introduce attendees to the freelancing ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina which we, as a young organization, created during the past year. Above all, our Association is the main platform through which every individual has the opportunity to improve the personal situation but at the same time to contribute to achievement of common goals such as better working conditions, better status, and greater rights. Freelancers are no longer left to themselves at the margins of society. Now they have the channel through which they can actively work, a place where they can get advice, exchange opinions with their colleagues, find a new job, and more. Besides our organization and its members the freelancing ecosystem in B&H also includes numerous newly-opened co-working spaces with whom we have already established collaboration, organizations and political parties that support us, experts and business consultants who support us, and companies that hire freelancers. We will use this opportunity to outline the benefits of joining our Association and advantages they have at their disposal as a part of our ecosystem.

Moreover, we would also like to use this occasion to mark the first anniversary of our Association, make a summary of past activities, and through a conversation with attendees, we would generate new ideas for future activities. Although young, our organization has accomplished a lot in its first year. We were particularly active in political activism which will continue to be our primary course of action. Legislation, advancement to and amendments of the laws which apply to freelancers, tax policy changes, and advocacy for our rights are the topics we address. Our intention is to promote an open dialogue with people in order get a deeper insight into the real problems they face. As a result we would be able to plan future activities in a manner to tackle and try to solve those particular problems.

This event will bring together freelancers, friends, and partners of our Association, and media through which we would present EF Week, its importance, and send a message about our demands and needs in B&H.

Agenda overview:

  • Introduction: welcome speech, presentation of EF Week and its significance
  • Main topic: Freelancing ecosystem in B&H, its primary factors and benefits
  • Panel – a set of questions for the participants
    Semi-formal conversations of a few members of our Association through which they will share their stories about their personal ecosystem; What is good for them, what is missing, what they would like etc.
    Short brief of the law-related topic and solution we have been working on for the past year; What are the main problems, what would be the ideal solution, what we plan next
  • Inspirational talk: the significance of joining our Association
  • Questions and answers
  • Socializing, networking, music, catering
  • Media statements

The Venue

LONAC is a community for activism and entrepreneurship in the region. The main purpose of LONAC is to become an ecosystem for identifying and empowering honest and enterprising young people. It is mainly intended for people who want to learn, implement a socially innovative project and start their own social business. The co-working space LONAC hub is located in Banja Luka, but on October 18 it will also open its doors in Sarajevo. Additionally, the LONAC hub will also be the headquarters of our Association for the next 12 months and the meeting place of the freelance community.

Lonac hub Sarajevo, Maršala Tita 54 Sarajevo

How To Attend

The event is free, but you do need to RSVP as space is limited.

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