European Freelancers Week Hamburg 2019

Event Details

It’s a special time in the coworking world. We are once again promoting freelancers’ rights across Europe with an inclusive, crowdsourced & decentralised week-long event.

If you are a freelancer of any kind, come to Shhared between 21/10/19 & 25/10/19 with a friend or group of colleagues and only the first person pays – the rest are free!

“Freelancers have been a key part of coworking space communities for over a decade. This week, we publically celebrate that and give back to the people who have sacrificed so much.” Shhared Founder – Alex Ahom

The Venue

Shhared, Daimlerstraße 71c, 22769 hamburg Germany

How To Attend

This event has a €18 entrance fee which can be paid at the event.

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