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What freelancers really need – How can technology help freelancers to thrive and where do we desperately need to improve?

October 22, 2020 @ 17:00 - 18:00 CEST


As a freelancer, as well as other remote workers, are often relying a lot on a barrage of digital tools and applications to do their work. New technologies can and have changed whole industries and are a huge reason for the rise of the freelancing economy.

In this session, we discuss the positive and negative aspects of technology used and needed by freelancers and remote workers with an expert panel representing technology provider/developer, freelancing organisations and working freelancers. The audience can contribute their own questions via the chat during the session.

We will start with questions like:

* Which tools have made “all the difference” for the work of freelancers?
* What about the “monopoles” for certain software providers such as Adobe, Google or Microsoft that force freelancers to use and buy those tools to be able to work with their clients.
* Which common problems, like for example easy workload tracking, still haven’t been properly solved? What improvements would freelancers desperately need?



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