Free & conscient price coworking with us for 5 selected happy few Oct 15-19 #laserreouverte

More Info

– 9am-6pm free & conscient price coworking as a full member of our community in Lausanne, VD (Switzerland) for 5 days max, Oct 15-19.
– Use the form to RSVP and expect our confirmation (check your email spam folder). We limit this offer to 5 lucky people.
– Child care (free & conscient price too) will be available in the mornings that week for you to cowork in the room next to them (you cannot leave the building), if you RSVP & commit to 3 mornings of coworking at least that week! — powered by our friends at

The Fine-Print

– You have to RSVP at least 48h BEFORE showing up. For us to be able to check availability upfront and answer you to confirm we’ll be expecting you, or help you find another coworking community should you be too late.
– By joining our work club, from minute 1, you swear to be excellent to other members, and to behave in a way that doesn’t require us to create a new rule.
The founders reserve themselves the right to expel you on sight without warning or explanation, should your behavior lacks basic decency and threatens the community.
Our privacy policy can be found here, in French:
– Should you choose to pay us a free & conscient price, we would invoice you that amount for both our accountants to be happy.

How To Claim

Claim this Coworking here.

Fill in the form with your first desired day, and tell us your hours of arrival (we’ll be available for welcoming new guests from 9am to 3pm that week) if you’d love to be with us for following days / the whole week in the comments

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