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Nela Dunato’s new book “The Human Centered Brand” is a comprehensive guide for service based businesses and creatives that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients and your audience.
Whether you’re a writer, marketing consultant, lawyer, illustrator, designer, developer, psychotherapist, coach, painter, musician, bookkeeper… the methods described in this book will help you express yourself naturally in your business and create a resonant, remarkable & sustainable brand.

– If you keep attracting the wrong clients who don’t understand you, treat you badly, haggle, call you on the weekends… this book will show you how to keep them away, and attract your dream clients that adore your work.
– If you work in a super saturated market and have no idea how to prove that you’re different and justify charging higher rates, this book will show you how to do that.
– If you’ve been procrastinating on writing your about page, redesigning your website, creating content, or reaching out to new prospects because you don’t know what to say, this book and the bonus workbook will help you find the right words and finally start making progress.
– If you’ve tried other branding methods but they didn’t work for you because you’ve felt squeezed into a box, give this book a try—it’s written with the rebels and creative personalities in mind.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have lots of experience with marketing and design, you’ll get new insights about your own brand, and lots of fresh ideas you’ll want to implement right away. The companion workbook, checklists, templates and other bonuses ensure that you not only come away with new information, but with a custom brand strategy of your own.

The templates included in the bundle enable you to create your own brand style guide by just filling in the blanks. The book, templates, and videos provide a great value for those who don’t yet have the budget to hire a professional brand designer. It’s also a great option for graphic designers who want to start creating brand style guides for their clients.

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