50% Off on freelancermap Premium Memberships

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freelancermap.com connects freelancers, consultants, and contractors in the fields of software development, web development, consulting and design with global clients seeking to hire them. There is no bidding and there are no commission fees if hired.

With a premium membership freelancers get full access to all advanced features. For example, option to add a visual portfolio, a direct link to the freelancer’s website and a better ranking for your profile.

You get a 50% off in your first upgrade – Premium memberships start at $9,99 per month

The Fine-Print

You will get 50% off on your first upgrade (you can decide from our 1-month membreship to our 2-year membership). After that period you will get the regular price.

How To Claim

Claim this Service here.

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To get the 50% discount, please use the following code at checkout (Click on “use coupon”).

Valid until: 30.10.2018

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