Power of Three

A group of eight freelance professionals (two translators, a training specialist, a psychologist, a journalist working from coworking space, an interpreter and two corporate consultants), while trying to come up with local initiatives for their freelance association in the months to come, said to each other: “Why don’t we organise something together with other freelance groups in the European Union?“

Christian Cordes

We got to sit down with Christian Cordes, the project manager of Shiller40, a co-working space in Wolfsburg, Germany. Why […]

Top 10 Podcasts For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you are probably juggling a million things at once. Unlike many other jobs, you have to deal […]

No, You’re Not Going Crazy…Everyone Is Quitting Their Job

Way back in 2015, in partnership with Emergent Research, Intuit estimated that about 3.2 million Americans were regularly working as […]

WTF Is A Freelancer Ecosystem? And Why Should I Care?

Freelancer Ecosystems What Does That Mean? We know you will think WTF is a ‘Freelancer Ecosystem?’ Is it something special […]

Kat Van Overberghe’s Freelance Ecosystem

Kat Van Overberghe Here is a little bit of info about Kat Van Overberghe and her freelance ecosystem. What are […]

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