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Let’s chat with Bruno do Nascimento

Bruno do Nascimento aka “Mr.DarkSide”, is a multidisciplinary designer with a particular interest in areas such as Branding, Lettering or Illustration.

Graduated in Design from IADE-Creative University, he has already seen his work highlighted in platforms such as Goodtype, Typism, Behance, FromUpNorth, Abduzeedo, ShowUsYourType, among others.


What are you working on and what do you love about it?

I am a Graphic Designer specialized in Branding, but for the last 4 years, I have focused on Custom Lettering.
What I love most about it, is that I can still incorporate Branding, as well as Illustration in the letters that I draw from scratch, in order to give them their own identity and the best part is that I have fun while I do it.

Where do you interact with other freelancers in your industry or topic area?

Mostly online, although sometimes this same “interaction” was made in the first instance thanks to other types of platforms such as books, magazines and / or websites on which I was already published together with other freelancers, and which later resulted in synergies or even friendships.

What benefits have you and your business got from being in contact with other freelancers?

Benefits can range from grabbing new customers to get someone from a different area to complement your work.
But I think the biggest benefit is learning, you learn a lot from working with someone who does the same thing as you, but who most likely does it differently.

What is the one thing that is missing where you live that would support your freelance career?

Perhaps further support or clarification regarding financial management.
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