Bérengère Gelé’s Freelance Ecosystem in Bordeaux

What are you working on, and what do you love about it?

I’m a digital project manager working for several companies such as digital agencies or directly for brands.

The most exciting part of my job is that I work on lots of different types of projects: website, emailing, video, content for social networks,… I never get bored!

I learn a lot, as well as I, am working for very different markets such as beauty, luxury, mass-market retailing, telecommunication…


Where do you interact with other freelancers in your industry or topic area?

I am part of a freelancers network (Happy Dev) so I’m every day in contact with some other freelancers who share a lot all day helping each other or sending projects to work on.

I’m working on a coworking place as well to not be alone working at home. So I usually never spend a day without seeing or talking to freelancers 🙂


What benefits have you and your business got from being in contact with other freelancers?

Personally, this is essential for me to be in contact with other people during my day.

I need to be in contact with people who are facing the same situations, same issues, who can help me or just talk about work stuff.

They understand what I live and how I work. In a business point of view, this is very interesting as we share projects or contacts.

With Happy Dev, some people have projects they need help on.

They post a message on the chat saying what profile they are looking for and you can “apply”.

It can really help me grow my business.


What is the one thing that is missing where you live that would support your freelance career?

The most difficult part for a freelance is to find new customers and communicate about what we do to professionals we could work for.

I think networking between freelancers and companies could be a really great experience.

We would be able to meet professionals in a different context than prospection. Meet need and demand.


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Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
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