Sarah Townsend: Survival Skills for Freelancers

Sarah Townsend is the author of Survival Skills for Freelancers, a bestselling guide for self-employed people worldwide, and has been a freelance copywriter for 22 years[ST1].  She helps companies stand out from the crowd with powerful and persuasive content. In 2020, she published Survival Skills for Freelancers, which provides an honest, friendly, and realistic perspective…

Úna Herlihy: Curating Talents and Skills at Indie List

Úna Herlihy is the co-founder and curator of The Indie List – Ireland’s leading online talent management business, representing top freelancing professionals in marketing communications and e-commerce. The Indie List represents the community of skilled freelancers in strategy, creative, e-commerce, and project management. It is all about promoting creativity, innovation, and supporting freelancers. How did…

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