Bernie Mitchell


Diogo Dantas’ Freelance Ecosystem

In this post, we chatted with Diogo Dantas Diogo Dantas is a freelance remote digital product designer who works closely […]

Bruno do Nascimento’s Freelance Ecosystem

Let’s chat with Bruno do Nascimento Bruno do Nascimento aka “Mr.DarkSide”, is a multidisciplinary designer with a particular interest in […]

How Does Coworking Work For Freelancers? With Steve Morgan

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Morgan, a freelance SEO & online marketing consultant and […]

Paulo Moura’s Freelance Ecosystem

In this post, we chatted with Paulo Moura is a freelance photographer and designer who discovered his taste for design, […]

Kat Van Overberghe’s Freelance Ecosystem

Kat Van Overberghe Here is a little bit of info about Kat Van Overberghe and her freelance ecosystem. What are […]

How To Run An Amazing Event In Your Coworking Space

How to run an EFWeek Event in your coworking space One of the best things you can do in European […]

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