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What's Coworking?

Coworking is a concept defined by a set of core values that advocate for collaboration, autonomy, transparency and community. Acting as an alternative solution to previous workplace structures, often associated with isolated offices and long working hours, coworking spaces are designed to be open, offering basic amenities and a shared space where independent professionals can come together to work in a flexible and communal setting. Coworking’s popularity grew alongside the rise of the freelancers movement, becoming a platform synonymous with independent success. While coworking spaces may cater to different types of members, from artists, remote workers, techies, startups and everything in between, almost all coworking spaces are built upon a foundation of the movement’s core values.

Benefits of Coworking

Coworking is known to have numerous benefits, from alleviating isolation for remote workers, to creating job opportunities and placing value on human connection. Users often state that they feel healthier and happier when working from a Coworking space, as they have more professional and personal autonomy, in addition to their work and overall relationships becoming more meaningful. Coworking spaces not only directly benefit their users but also the greater community. Many spaces make their home in underutilized real estate, subsequently adding to the surrounding area. In addition influencing physical surroundings, the majority of Coworking spaces also offer various support for their members, in the form of meetups and events, which can also be open to the public.

About Coworking Movement

Coworking, as it is understood today, was coined in 2005 by Brad Neuberg. This San Francisco based independent professional is known to be one of the first to open a flexible workspace that catered to freelancers and any other like-minded individuals looking for a place to work as equals. Today, with close to 10,000 Coworking spaces worldwide, which are home to half a million Coworkers, the movement has showed no sign of slowing down. Coworking has contributed to the rise of digital nomadism, coliving, cotraveling, the freelancers movement and also a shift towards integrating more social practices within traditional workplace culture.

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