A Simple Guide On How To Create An Event For European Freelancers Week!

We’d love you to run an event for EFweek, and this post will guide you through where to find what you need.

There is much detailed information on this site, and we’ll post you to the best page.

What type of event should I run for European Freelancers Week?

We get asked this a lot. We love events, all events. Your event could be three people having a coffee to talk about Freelancing, it could be 500 people in a theatre, or it could be an online webinar. It could be a twitter chat.

There are 18 ideas for event formats on this page of the EFweek handbook here

How to think about this

What have you got the capacity to do?

Are you good at running small workshops? Do you enjoy group sessions? Or maybe you love a big monster event with hundreds of people. Those are all great.

You also need to think about the budget you have.

Many coworking spaces run events in European Freelancers Week and for them, they already have space and only need to organise what to do. If you look at the #EFWeek website under “Deals” it is possible that a coworking space near you is already offering its space for events. (Coworking spaces, this is a hint: make this offer here.)

If this is your first time running an event, we’d recommend doing something small that works amazingly well rather than something huge that sucks all of your time and involves many risks.

Also, ask people what they are looking for, often in a coworking space organising a bring and share lunch and going around the table is one of the best things you can do. The cost is low, and people need to eat lunch anyway so they don’t need to make extra time and it gets people talking to each other.

Another simple one is to organise a workshop in your space for freelancers, have it run for half a day and encourage people to support each other after.

There is a checklist of how to organise an event on this page of the EFWeek Handbook here

So, what next?

When you have decided on your event, you only need to add the details and a link to your event page.

So this means you make the event on something that works for you like Attending.io or Meet Up.com and then add the details one this page here on the EFweek site!

It is SUPER EASY, you just have to fill in a form! This is the page we’ll be sending people to see what is happening! All events will also be listed in the Seats2Meet Passport and this can also help you find attendees for your event.

If you have a question, hit us up on the Facebook page or contact us here.

Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
#EFWeek Team

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