Kat Van Overberghe’s Freelance Ecosystem

Kat Van Overberghe

Here is a little bit of info about Kat Van Overberghe and her freelance ecosystem.

What are you working on and what do you love about it?

Within the automotive industry helping companies with strategic marketing & sales support. I love seeing my customers grow thanks to the fact that they can concentrate on their core business.

Where do you interact with other freelancers in your industry or topic area?

Network events of the industry, but also different courses

What benefits have you and your business got from being in contact with other freelancers?

Short missions to work on projects, without the investment. For me: combining different projects for different customers and in that way, learning a lot

What is the one thing that is missing where you live that would support your freelance career?

A PA, preferably someone who can read my mind, follows up all my appointments and put my planning in my head 😉

Bernie Mitchell
Bernie Mitchell
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