Work Schedule Agreement Template

This Agreement shall be effective on [Date] and shall remain in effect indefinitely, unless modified or terminated by [Company Name] or the Employee. In the event that the Company or the Employee intends to terminate this Agreement, a notice period of at least four weeks will be provided in writing. In the event of an emergency in the workplace, this agreement may be suspended immediately and indefinitely. This Agreement may be revised at any time at the request of either party. This flexible working time agreement is defined between [company name] and [employee name]. All obligations and responsibilities of the Employee, as well as the Company`s Terms of Employment, remain unchanged, except as expressly modified by this Agreement. Any failure by the employee to comply with this Agreement may result in a modification or termination of the flexible work arrangement established by this Agreement. I have read and understood this Agreement and all its terms. By signing below, I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. This agreement presupposes that the employee continuously fulfils the following conditions: The agreed flexible working arrangements are described as follows: __. .