Vehicle Loan Cancellation Letter Format


It is intended to inform you that I applied for a loan for my own business as I had to buy shares of a reputable company on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Since I have arranged the amount, I ask your bank to cancel the loan procedure. It is intended to inform you that the loan you have applied for has been cancelled immediately. The government has changed its policy regarding the sanctioning of loans. It is regretted and you are advised to apply until other policies are taken. Otherwise, the bank is at your disposal and calls you. Three months ago, I applied for the home loan from your bank, and your coo told me it would take six months for the loan to be approved. Now, my financial situation is not in good shape to bear the burden of the home loan. So this is my humble request to cancel my loan process once you receive my letter. [Here you briefly describe an example of the format of the mortgage cancellation letter. You can follow this sample cover letter to the bank to request the cancellation of a loan for which you have already applied. You must modify this example according to your needs.] As I did not receive any notification during the period you mentioned, I submitted further loan applications to other credit institutions. Sir.

I would like to tell you that the loan that has been given to you in the past has not been repaid on time. And when you were asked, you didn`t answer. We are sorry that you can no longer get a cash loan from the company. I hope you understand that. Thank you very much. Your name With all due respect, it says that your loan application has been cancelled by the bank due to restrictions on your bank account. Your bank account is not old enough for us to grant you a loan. I understood when I called you on [DATE] that I will lose my registration fee and that there is no cancellation fee. I have since received the type of loan I need and would like to cancel the application I submitted to you.

My name is Smith, and last week I applied for a loan. I am writing this letter to tell you that I no longer need this loan. I will be very grateful if you cancel my request. So this is my humble request to cancel my loan process once you receive my letter. Sample letter of application to the bank to request the cancellation of a loan for which you have already applied. During the loan approval process, the applicant may cancel the loan application for any personal or business reason. I have completed and attached the forms you gave me to request the cancellation of my loan application and request written notice that my loan application will be cancelled. This letter is a formal request to cancel the car loan application that I submitted to [name of credit institution] on [DATE]. I also submitted the documents you requested that day to approve the car loan. RE: Request to cancel car loan application #555321 We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you good luck. Please send me a memorandum that the company will stop the employee`s money due to late payment and lack of understanding. Thank you Although you have informed me that I will become aware of the acceptance or rejection within two weeks of the date I submitted the application, I have not received any communication to date.

. I hope you will heed my request. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at [555-123-4567] or to let me know when I will receive my documents, or give me time to pick them up at your office. I also ask you to return all the documents I submitted to you with my application as soon as possible so that I can present them to the new lender. Name of credit officerName of lending institutionAddress of lending institutionCity, state, postal code SignaturePrinted nameList of attachments: Withdrawal forms at, Branch manager, XYZ Bank Limited, (address) Branch, Lahore. . .