The Public Eye Definition Meaning


Many of them have been shown at the Corcoran Art Gallery and other public exhibitions. In the nearly 30 years she has lived in public, Spears has experienced a number of high-profile ups and downs. Under the attention and control of the public, as in The Rock Star, the activities were very present in the eyes of the public. This use, similar to that in the spotlight, dates back to the late 1800s. It should not be confused with the similar sound in the eyes of the public, which means “in the opinion or opinions of the public” (as in the eyes of the public, the mayor was guilty of perjury). See also in the eye of, def. 2. The transaction, which is primarily owned by Shlomo Rechnitz, has been in the public eye for years and is being questioned by state regulators, prosecutors and plaintiffs` lawyers over its business practices and quality of care. In light of recent revelations such as those by Hilton, Simpson, and Lewinsky, it seems remarkable that Spears not only lived to tell the story, but apparently willingly remained visible in public.

“In public” is a phrase, a common phrase that means something other than its literal meaning. You could also call it “the projector.” People who are known or become famous in short are in the eyes of the public. If your image is often on the cover of newspapers or online magazines, you are in the public eye. Five of them had already studied with Liszt, and the young men are artists who already stand in front of the audience. Only the toughest before shooting at unarmed members of the public. When members of Fortune`s annual investor roundtable gathered this month, late-stage tech startups were highly visible to the public. The public eye is the attention of the public or the focus of many people. Movie stars and famous criminals are two examples of people in the public eye. When cities began adding chlorine to their water supplies in the early 1900s, it sparked a public outcry.

As such, it is now presented to the public for any praise or censorship it deserves. America`s great leaders have long brought deep thoughts of enormous importance to public discourse. To avoid being left behind, progressives in neighboring Wisconsin have been vocal in calling for public health to join the forefront of public health. They can become pipelines of radicalization, with groups pushing people to extremes further away from the public eye. As his eye got used to the gloom, David Arden saw traces of gilding on the walls. . But Lucy had noticed the arrival of Miss Grains out of the corner of her eye, outraged and sweaty. .