Test Ride Agreement Motorcycle


People are often afraid of what will happen to insurance if their motorcycle is damaged by a buyer during a test drive. The good news is that insurance is likely to cover damage to your motorcycle, even if it`s not you driving it (you`ve named a so-called permissive rider). Thanks to the many times I`ve sold a motorcycle, I`ve been able to find a few additional useful tips and tricks that will keep your sales experience with your bike safe. The agreement in its entirety provides that the rider will deposit the full purchase price of $____ with the seller while the rider is testing the motorcycle in question. The only way for someone to test a bike I sell is to leave a full cash deposit and understand that if they break it, they just bought it. Consent to the use of images: I understand that during my test drive, Onyx Motorbikes may offer to take photos and images of me for marketing purposes. I hereby grant the Onyx Parties the absolute and irrevocable right to use my name, quotes and/or photos and images on the Internet (World Wide Web), in print publications, video and multimedia presentations and/or for any purpose that includes, but is not limited to, display, public relations, marketing or design. I also understand that my name and/or images may be used to display or advertise on the Website and/or published literature. I hereby waive the right to review or approve the Images prior to any form of use. I understand that images can be modified to be used as design elements. By signing this Agreement or signing this Agreement on behalf of a minor in the State of California, I give Onyx Motorbikes the right to use my name and own the Images and use them for any purpose without my additional consent.

I release all rights to all images. The agreements in this section constitute a perpetual license agreement that allows the Onyx parties to use images, quotes and/or my name for publication purposes in advertising onyx motorcycles. I will not hold the Onyx Parties responsible for the use or misuse of my name, quotes and/or images. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Onyx Parties from and against all acts, claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of all or part of the Photographs (including computer images or reproductions of any kind), including any editorial or comment that may accompany the Images in their displayed format and/or my name. I am not liable to any part of Onyx for errors, negligence or gross negligence in the processing or display of such images, citations and/or in the use of my image. First of all, you should always make sure you have decent insurance before selling your motorcycle. Even if you didn`t have insurance before, take out insurance during the sales process. What happens if someone tests your motorcycle, decides to steal it and causes an accident that injures someone else? In this case, if you can prove that they tried to steal it, you will not be held responsible for the damage caused and the perpetrator will be entirely to blame. If your plan doesn`t cover all the damage, the driver will likely be held responsible for the difference.

But the downside is that your premiums are likely to go up. Keep the gas tank almost empty for the time you sell it. If someone tries to steal it while taking it out for a try, it won`t be able to go too far without being stuck with an empty tank. And if you inform potential buyers in advance of the amount of gasoline it contains, their trip will be reduced to a reasonable time. But what if someone else rides a motorcycle and causes an accident that injures someone else? Depending on the type of insurance you have, your insurance will at least cover the damage of the other person who was injured by the liability. Some insurance plans may cover both parties. Is it possible to sell a motorcycle to a dealer? As with a car, it is possible to sell a motorcycle to a dealer. You won`t get as much as you would sell it privately, but you avoid the troubles of annoying potential buyers, waiting for it to be sold, and spending time publishing it online. In the event that the motorcycle in question is returned to the Seller without any further damage, the Seller must return the entire $__ to the Rider, all mutual; The obligations shall be deemed to have been fully fulfilled. It`s always a good idea to have a friend with you during a motorcycle sale transaction. You can witness during the situation in case things go south for some reason. They can also simply be a means of moral support throughout the case.