Photoshop Elements 18 System Requirements


Speaking of import, Photoshop Elements follows other software in the speed of this process. I tested the import performance with a stack of 146 raw images on a Class 4 SDHD card from my Canon EOS 80D to a Core i7 PC with 16GB of RAM and an SSD. The import took 5:29 (min:sec) of Photoshop Elements against 4:09 of the professional standard Lightroom Classic and 3:58 of the direct competitor CyberLink PhotoDirector. I still need to test the import speed for more photo applications on my new work-from-home system to get more comparisons. A quick final word about help: I`m not a big fan of Adobe`s web help system. I wish I could look for help on the tools and techniques in the app. Even an offline help document such as User Manual would be an improvement. Elements Effects looks like Instagram squared, with controls that the mobile app simply can`t reach. The Smart Looks tool selects an effect based on image analysis with four variants.

These fit well with the types of images in my test photos. And the FX options of the fast mode offer four variants of the standard options Vintage, Cross Process and Toy Camera, among seven others. I like the way this tool displays your actual image under the influence of effect, rather than just an example of an image as some programs do. I guess with these new Elements tools, you can adjust the strength of the filter and check a box if you want to keep the colors of the original image, although that removes much of the charm of these filters. With more checkboxes under the stronger slider, you can apply the effect only to the subject (determined automatically by Sensei AI) or only to the background. PhotoDirector also provides these options, adding the ability to turn the effect on and off, with sliders for brush options for soft edges, size, and thickness. Photoshop Elements brings much of the visual magic that Adobe Photoshop has developed to non-professional consumers. Adobe`s consumer photo editing software continues to make splashing Photoshop effects possible for beginners.

Like Adobe`s Creative Cloud apps, new features in the 2022 release, including transferring art styles and curvature photos to fit a shape, also take advantage of Adobe`s AI technology, called Sensei. In addition, Elements offers many photoshop tools and features without you having to sign up for a subscription like its big brother does. With its wealth of tools and ease of use, Photoshop Elements remains a winner of the PCMag Editors` Choice for passionate-level photo editing software. A guided editing gallery displays sample images of what they do, and moving the cursor over them displays the before and after. There are also tabs for different types of effects such as Basics, Color, and Fun. There are now a total of 60 guided edits, enough that it would be nice if you could search for them. You`ll see a before-and-after view of the split screen, but I wish you could take a step back or step back. Below, I`ll walk you through some of the most recent and cool guided edits. The Organizer app, as the name suggests, is where you import, group, tag, and output your photos. You don`t have to use it, but it offers a lot of features that would otherwise clutter the main edition app. Powerful search, auto-curation, and sharing tools can be useful additions to standard organization tools.

Competitors such as Corel PaintShop Pro and ACDSee do without the extra app and do everything in one interface. Four main mode options appear at the top of the Organizer window: Media, People, Places, and Events. . Select Object is simply a button that appears at the bottom when you use the selection brush. It is also available in the Select menu. It worked admirably on everything except photos with backgrounds that blended into the subject with similar colors. When you select the Crop tool, the bottom pane displays four suggested crops based on the surfaces found and other criteria. It works impressively, framing group photos and suggesting creative looks for landscapes. In addition, the cropping tool is suitable for many professional use cases, allowing you to set standard aspect ratios and even a target size in pixels.

Guided edits. With two new guided edits, you can create perfect pet photos by correcting the animals` often shaded faces and extending the landscapes with a fill. .