Music Publishing Contract Template Pdf


A music publishing contract is the bridge between artistic and commercial interests. If you`re a songwriter, singer, or band, you need to make sure you`re not one of the artists who lose future payments. If you`re a manager, you want to earn your bread and butter, and if you`re a publisher, you want your investment to pay off. Make sure the agreement is mutually beneficial. A music publishing contract usually includes an upfront payment as well as the terms of payment of royalties. There are several common ways to structure royalty payments, so you need to agree on the terms in advance. Before signing, determine whether the agreement grants the publisher exclusive rights to market and sell the music and whether it applies to a group of works or to all compositions created within a given period of time. You must also set an end date for the contract. Alternate names for this document: Music Publishing Agreement *DISCLAIMER: These contract templates are for educational purposes only.

Always consult a lawyer before drafting or signing a contract or other legal document. Below is a list of the types of contracts a musician might encounter in their career. A collection of models of the most common contracts and chords you will encounter as a freelance musician. Groups – “Band Member Sharing Percentages” spreadsheet If you want to sign a band or are courted by a record company, a music publishing contract determines who will receive what share of the profits. Musicians want their melodies to be heard, and. When you start a group, it`s a good idea to go through all of the following questions and make a decision on all of these topics. Then, members should sign an agreement in which all the conditions are set out, so that in the event of a dispute, an agreement established by means has control. . . .