Government Contract Language


Contract for the purchase of supplies or services to be entered into or entered into by an agency upon request and negotiation with a single source (iii) offered to the Government under a contract or subcontract at any level without modification in the same form in which it is sold on the commercial market. The main government store for contractor information needed to conduct business with the government. It has been replaced by SAM. (1) The Contractor must send an original invoice and three copies (or an electronic invoice, if authorized) to the address specified in the Contract in order to receive the invoices. An invoice must contain – (v) incorporation by reference. The contractor`s declarations and certifications, including those concluded electronically through the Award Management System (SAM), must be incorporated into the contract by reference. (1) $300,000 for each contract to be awarded, performed or purchased in the United States; and (6) Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) (4) and (5) above, the Government may at any time require the Contractor to cease by correction or replacement at no cost to the Government if the Contractor`s failure to comply with the requirements of this Agreement is due – (iii) For material and subcontracting costs reimbursed on the basis of actual costs – (B) Relevant Contract Number and Supply Order Number, where applicable; (d) Disputes. This Agreement is subject to Section 41 U.S.C. Chapter 71, Contractual Disputes. The failure of the parties to this Agreement to reach an agreement on a request for equitable adjustment, claim, appeal or action arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall constitute a dispute to be resolved in accordance with clause 52.233-1, Dispute incorporated herein by reference.

The Contractor shall carefully execute the performance of this Agreement until the final settlement of any dispute arising out of the Agreement. A procurement strategy in which more than one contractor who is able to perform the contract is invited to submit a bid for supplies and services. The successful supplier is selected on the basis of criteria determined by the Agency`s contracting office and the programme offices for which the work is to be carried out. (i) All amounts payable by the Contractor to the Government under this Agreement shall pay basic interest from the due date until payment, unless paid within 30 days of the due date. The interest rate is the interest rate set by the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to 41 U.S.C. 7109, which applies to the period during which the amount becomes due, as provided for in clause (i) (6) (v) of this clause, and then to the rate applicable to each six-month period fixed by the Secretary until payment of the amount. A written order, signed by the Contractor, ordering the Contractor to make an amendment that the Amendment Clause authorizes the Contractor to order without the Contractor`s consent. An express agreement under which the Contractor will bear part of the burden of reasonable, transferable and recoverable contractual costs.

a written plan submitted by a prime contractor and approved by a contract agent, describing the objectives and measures that the contractor intends to take to make maximum use of disadvantaged small and small businesses to the extent possible in the performance of the contract Measures taken by an exclusion official to obtain a contractor from a contract awarded by the Government and by excluding the subcontracting approved by the Government, at a reasonable time, for a specified period of time; an excluded entrepreneur is “excluded”. The Defense Logistics Agency administers the DoD Procurement Technical Assistance (PTAC) Cooperation Agreement Program on behalf of the Secretary of Defense. PTA centres are designed as a local resource that helps businesses market products and services to government. A concern, including affiliates, for subcontracting the value of – (2) delivery of deliveries to the government to the destination specified in the contract, if the carriage is f.o.b. destination. A written proposal for a new or innovative idea submitted to an organization initiated by the bidder for the purpose of obtaining a contract with the government that does not respond to a call for proposals, a general announcement from the Agency, a research topic on innovation in small business, a research topic on technology transfer in small business, to a program research and development announcement or any other call by the government, or any program. That a person is unable or may not be able to provide impartial assistance or advice to the government due to other activities or relationships with other persons, or that the person`s objectivity in performing the contract work is or may otherwise be impaired, or that a person has an unfair competitive advantage. (h) patent compensation. Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Government and its officers, employees and agents, including costs, for any actual or alleged direct or contributory infringement or inducement to infringe any U.S. or foreign patent, trademark or copyright arising out of the performance of this Agreement, provided that Contractor is reasonably aware of such claims and proceedings.

In the case of negotiated procurements, a contractor`s final offer after the completion of discussions/negotiations. An agreement in which a buyer enters into a contract with a seller to meet the buyer`s requirements for one or more items or services as needed and over-the-counter. Well prepared, such an agreement sets a limit for the period during which it is valid and the maximum amount of money that can be spent at a certain time or in a certain period of time, and specifically identifies the people who have the right to accept goods. Also known as a Global Purchase Agreement (BPA). Consolidation of two or more requirements relating to supplies or services previously provided or provided under separate small contracts under a call for single contracts that may not be awarded to a small business. (A) Any invoice or subcontract proving the cost of the materials; and (8) The Contractor is not required or liable under this Agreement to correct or replace materials and services that do not meet the requirements of the Contract at the time of delivery, except as provided in this clause or otherwise specified in the Contract. A certificate issued by the Small Business Administration (SBA) stating that the holder is “responsible” (in terms of capacity, competence, capacity, credit, integrity, perseverance and tenacity) for obtaining and executing a particular government mandate. .