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Hamdan Al Madhani, Director of the Rental Relations Regulatory Department, commented: “The uniform form of rental applied depends mainly on the legal system, and uniform contracts between the parties guarantee the rights of all stakeholders involved. He added: “The Rental Affairs Division, through its departmental mechanisms, is responsible for the implementation of the new unified lease, in addition to registering leases and monitoring the real estate index. It also develops rules, policies and strategies that facilitate the movement of the sector, in addition to overseeing the real estate market. Mohammed Ahmed Yahya, Deputy Director General of Rental Business Sector, DLD, said: “The introduction of the single lease form is part of our ongoing efforts to integrate the principles of transparency and benefit all parts of the real estate market. Dubai has managed to acquire a prestigious position due to the stability that the city offers in terms of investment, work and daily life. This latest initiative by DLD helps to consolidate Dubai`s positive image around the world. DLD advises owners to download and print contracts from Ejari`s official website ( and guarantees that all elements contained in these contracts are based on a legal framework that governs relationships and transactions. The elements of the contract and the relationship it determines between the parties are subject to applicable laws, including rental laws, which establish and govern the imposition of penalties to be applied in the event of a problem. The parties must agree on the items that meet their needs when signing the lease for the first time. With regard to the maintenance of real estate, DLD confirmed that Law No. (26), which stipulates in (2007) under clause No. 16, that the owner is responsible, in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement, for repair work on the property and for repairing damage or defects that may affect the well-being of the tenant in the premises, unless otherwise agreed between the two parties. In this case, the law establishes the landlord`s responsibility for all maintenance work in all cases, while allowing the possibility of transferring responsibility to the tenant by mutual agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

There can therefore be no clause that imposes liability on a single party. 1- Letter from the NOC of the former financier on the transfer of the finance lease2- Letter from the new financier on the registration of the finance lease agreement, indicating the start and end dates and the amount of the lease3- Emirates identity card of the owner (no photo will be taken for identification only) 4- Power of attorney in the event that he appoints someone on his behalf Law No. (2) issued in (2003), is one of the references used for the elaboration of the unified contract that regulates rental and property management and all related requirements, including licenses and guarantees. The document also refers to Act No. (33) of 2008, which regulates the relationship between owners and tenants of real estate in Dubai, in particular clause No. (25), which defines the cases in which the landlord may request the eviction of the tenant from the property. These incidents may include subletting the property or, in the case of using the property to conduct prohibited or illegal activities. Dubai REST allows landlords and tenants to manage leases, file and investigate rental disputes. 0.25% of the value of the financingDevelopment fee for issuing title deeds 100 AED Land card fees (AED 250 if a villa or apartment)10 AED knowledge fee added to each fee 10 AED Innovation fees added to each fee Customer service is available by phone, email and chat from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(Monday to Friday). Find the answers and tell us how we could do better. Smart Real Estate Platform for Real Estate Services Land Registration Trustee Offices (Outside) The Dubai Commercial Real Estate Price Index (CPPI) was developed in collaboration with Dubai Land Dep. About the Service CenterStep 1: The customer goes to one of the land registry escrow officesStep 2: The customer submits the required documents to the employee and ensures that they are complete (All required documents are uploaded via DLD Document Vault)Step 3: Transaction data is entered into the system by the employee and verifiedStep 4: The customer pays the fee and receives a payment receiptStep 5: The result is sent to the customer by e-mail The annual report on the performance of the real estate sector is one of the essential comprehensive reports. Secure digital document storage where you can store files and share them with service partners if needed. We have created a list of “How do I ?” which are the frequently asked questions by different users of the website and mobile app CompaniesIf the company is not previously registered, it must be registered by applying for the registration of a company It has been 67‭ ‬days since Expo2020‭ ‬started and the greatest show in the world may have had rippl. Based on uae government guidelines, our new working hours will be as follows: Dubai, 15 February 2017 – The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced the introduction of its unified lease form, contracts that will become a mandatory procedure from March 2017. In line with DLD`s goal of creating a transparent and professional real estate market with measurable standards, the new form has been developed to regulate the relationships between all parties involved in real estate transactions and to guarantee the rights of all parties. An easier way for users to digitally manage their documents from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am.m to 3:30 pm.m., Friday from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm.m.m. These procedures are part of DLD`s intermediate steps to address some of the issues that may arise, including potentially harmful effects on the market due to lack of clarity.

DLD has set up specialized committees to monitor the variables of the real estate market and the rental sector and to conduct a review program in accordance with laws and regulations. .