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The Department of Professional Regulation (DPOR) requires additional training on the different codes in order to renew a professional certificate. If you have any questions, please email us at Our mission is to ensure that every contractor meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our adherence to these core values has led the Contractors Institute to become the official training provider of the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals (ACICP). The Contractors Institute has been providing high-quality construction training in Florida for over 40 years, and now we have also opened registrations for contractors in Georgia. Students can choose from our wide range of exam preparation and EC courses, taught easily online or in class (lunch will be provided as always). Private seminars are also available on request. Licensing regulations vary from state to state and, in some cases, from city or county to city. It is important that you consult your local regulatory body to review the contractor`s requirements that apply to you. We offer coaching and consulting services for commercial entrepreneurs and builders. As mentioned earlier, each state needs different things for contractors to get a license. The National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) has helped streamline the testing process in several states by developing a standardized exam that is accepted by 16 states as a test for commercial builders — with more states looking to accept NASCLA in the near future! The application process is where many entrepreneurs lose speed while trying to get a license in their respective state. Some contractors work in multiple states and prefer to work on ongoing projects rather than get lost in the details of processing applications.

Most States require that many supporting documents be included in the application, such as the review of experience. B, company registrations, certain net worth or collateral requirements to prove financial responsibility. There are also other prescribed requirements such as general liability or workers` compensation insurance if you have employees. Our application experts are experienced in what these individual government bureaucracies are looking for. Builders and other trade contractors are generally required to pass an examination that addresses building codes and common practices specific to the type of work authorized by their licence. What kind of work do you intend to do? Many states have separate licenses for private entrepreneurs and commercial entrepreneurs. If you are doing special work, some states also have special licenses available. You need to determine the type of license you will apply for before you start knowing what you need to apply for and what will be asked of you. Each state has its own regulations for contractor licensing requirements, but there are a few general steps that are common to most states. For many states, this means that you will receive a review of your financial statements, which will be supplemented by a CPA.

If you don`t have an annual financial statement because you`re a start-up, in many states you can get a guarantee instead to meet that need. You may have poured on cards and memorized endless lists to prepare for school tests, but you don`t have to do anything with it all to pass your state`s entrepreneur exam. No, you can`t wait to do it, but our exam preparation seminars are tailored to every test, from the NASCLA National Exam to the State Business Law Exams, so you don`t waste your time studying material you don`t need to know for your test. We know you probably already have a lot of experience in home construction and renovation, but running tests can stress and frustrate even the most skilled in the field. The tone of our seminars is never condescending – we want to make it as interesting and attractive as possible so that the material stays with you and is easy to remember at the time of the exam. In many states, you must take two exams, a business law exam and a business exam, which relates to the type of work you will be doing in that state. Most states require you to have a business registered with the state`s economic regulator. If you do not have a physical presence in the state, you can hire a registered agent who presents himself as a business address and receives government correspondence and legal mail on your behalf. Do you already have a contractor`s license in another state? Check reciprocity to make sure your existing license doesn`t exempt you from some/all of the testing requirements! “I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!” said Jason Thank you for your kind words Phil! We are happy to hear that this helped you pass your exam! Congratulations on your visit !! Students need their craftsman`s license number.

If you do not know, you can consult it: you do not waste your time on soft toys. They equip you with the right tools and give you special information that you won`t get anywhere else. I would definitely choose them again if I have future testing requirements. Are you ready to undertake bigger projects, build credibility, and make more money? The sooner you get your entrepreneurial license, the sooner you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career in contracting. You don`t have to be nervous about taking your bachelor`s exam when you know the Entrepreneur Training Center is working to ensure your success when you register for our seminars and use our exam preparation materials. So why are you still on the fence? The license you need is within your reach, and we can be the impetus to help you grasp it. If you register for one of our seminars today, we guarantee that you will be impressed by our knowledgeable instructors and, most importantly, ready to pass this exam. Congratulations on passing your exam! We look forward to your excellent review! Thank you for your trust in the Entrepreneur Training Centre! Students at the Contractors Institute achieved a 96% pass rate for state license exams. This is due to our experienced instructors and our easy-to-learn material. Applications are usually available on the Respective Board`s website as a downloadable file as well as in person at the Board`s office. Is it to thoroughly prepare you for your license checks and make the complicated licensing process as simple as possible. .