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The Calgary Board of Education has signed contracts with most of its employees. These agreements define working conditions. Teachers in charter and private schools may be associate members of the Alberta Teachers` Association. Schools in which teachers have decided to form bargaining units with the association`s representation have all the benefits of associated membership as well as additional benefits related to negotiations. Read more The points of the provincial memorandum of understanding merge with the local contract to form a collective agreement concluded. Click here to learn more about the current state of collective bargaining and receive important updates related to collective bargaining In May 2017, TEBA and ATA ratified an agreement for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years. This Memorandum of Understanding 2016–2018 (PDF, 895 KB) applies to school boards and teachers working in Alberta`s public, distinct and Francophone school boards, up to 12 school boards. A copy of the collective agreement between Palliser Regional School and Local 290 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees can be downloaded here. The Teachers` Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) is a statutory body established by the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act that represents the province`s school authorities in collective bargaining for all public, distinct and Francophone teachers in Alberta.

Teachers` welfare staff advise local collective bargaining unit committees on all aspects of collective bargaining. In addition, the association regularly organizes conferences on the well-being of teachers and offers courses for beginners and advanced students during the summer conference. If you belong to a collective bargaining entity that has ratified its 2018-2020 collective agreement, this new agreement will be posted below once it has been prepared, reviewed and fully signed by all parties. If it does not appear below, you can view the ratified agreement(s) here (see Local Collective Bargaining under Bargaining Updates). The following agreements are available in PDF format. You can click on the table of contents to access specific sections or perform simple word searches to find information. In the first phase, TEBA negotiates with the Alberta Teachers` Association (ATA) on provincial issues that affect all teachers and employers to create a provincial Memorandum of Understanding. A copy of the 2016-2018 collective agreement between Palliser Regional Schools and the Alberta Teachers` Association can be downloaded here. Clause on impassable roads signed on January 20, 2020, Local 19 signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The general conditions and remuneration of teachers employed by school courts are set out in collective agreements.

These negotiations consist of two parts; The association negotiates centrally with the Teachers` Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) and locally with each school board. Legally, the association is the negotiator for all teachers employed in the province`s separate, Francophone public school authorities. If your collective bargaining unit has not yet entered into collective bargaining with your education jurisdiction, employers cannot arbitrarily change pay or working conditions. Expired collective agreements will continue to be filled in until a new agreement is ratified. Members seeking advice on complaint procedures to be followed in the event of an alleged violation of a collective agreement or other matters arising from a collective agreement, the Industrial Relations Code and the Code of Labour Standards should contact teachers` social staff at or by telephone at 780-447-9400 or 1-800-232-7208. In the second phase, school authorities negotiate local affairs with their local ATA representatives. Download Adobe Reader to your computer to view or print PDF files. Learn more about the structure of TEBA in the Ordinance on Collective Bargaining for Public Education. CBE & Collective Bargaining Council of the Collective Agreement of the Construction and Maintenance Unions EPC 2018-2021. Negotiations for the 2018-2020 round of the 61 distinct and Francophone public school authorities are ongoing. Collective Agreement of Professional Support Staff CBE & SA 2017-2020 The Board of Directors sets the direction of TEBA and provides a negotiating mandate.

The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Representative Committee, votes in favour of ratifying an agreement reached at the provincial bargaining table. A representative of the negotiator is appointed to lead negotiations under the Industrial Relations Act for negotiations at the local level. Note that the content of these digital versions is identical to that of the approved and signed versions. Eight government appointees and 7 school board trustees form a board of directors to lead TEBA. The Palliser Professional Development Reference Guide from Local 40 of the Palliser 2017-2020 Collective Agreement Can be found here. A representative committee of one trustee for each public, separate and Francophone school board in Alberta elects the 7 school trustees of the board. .