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The American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award Information Booklet (version 3.0) has taken several steps regarding Category 1 credits for the AMA Physician Recognition Award (PRA). The following activities are now accepted in addition to the above activities on a PRA application: CME activities are reported by an accredited provider or a joint Tier 1 loan provider. Category 1 activities may take the form of lectures, seminars, the use of self-learning materials, self-assessment programmes, mini-residencies and the use of audiovisual or computerised materials, online courses, videoconferencing, etc. Click here for more information on WADA format-specific requirements and descriptions. For more information on these requirements, see the Continuing Education section of WADA`s website. Physicians renewing their MA licence must also demonstrate competence in the following field. This is NOT an accredited FMC/CPD requirement. M.G.L.c. 119, §51A(k) required all professionally licensed journalists (including physicians) professionally licensed by the Commonwealth to provide training to detect and report suspicions of child abuse or neglect. Physicians can meet the training requirement by: Physicians must keep records of their continuing education activities (CME), but are not required to submit documents to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine with their renewal applications.

The Board may conduct an audit and randomly select physicians to provide proof of CME credits on their renewal form. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequate records of all CME credits acquired during the two-year renewal cycle. The Board of Registration in Medicine (BORM) has implemented a CME pilot program covering a biennium beginning January 1, 2018. The pilot program requires physicians to receive at least 50 credits for Continuing Medical Education (CME) during their licence renewal cycle. A physician who volunteers for the Medical Registration Board may claim the equivalent of up to 20 Credits in Category 1 for each two-year renewal cycle. Four credits can be used for the Category 1 risk management study. The executive director of the board of directors must certify this service. Only an institution or organization accredited for medical education can designate a CME activity as a beneficiary of Class 1 or Class 2 loans.

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) is responsible for the CME accreditation of medical schools, state medical societies and other institutions and organizations that offer CME activities to a national or regional audience. State medical societies accredit institutions and organizations that provide CME activities primarily to physicians in the state or neighboring states. CME credit and accreditation information must be printed prominently on all promotional materials. In the event that a physician is unable to meet the requirements of the CME prior to the licence renewal date, an CME exemption application form must be completed and submitted to the Board along with the licence renewal form no later than 30 days prior to the renewal date. Visit the Commission`s website at for specific details and the CME exemption application form and instructions. Please click here for the Commission`s CME Pilot Program guidelines, which contain information on specific CME requirements. As of June 1, 2022, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM) requires applicants for initial admission of a physician and licensees renewing their medical license to meet a continuing medical education requirement of 2.00 credits on the topic of implied health care bias. The credits of 2.00 may be used for a physician`s 10-hour risk management credits required every two years in accordance with Article 243 CMR 2.06(a)3. To renew a medical license, physicians must certify compliance with government CME requirements.

Permit holders are required by law to renew their licence every two years no later than their date of birth. The board automatically sends an extension request to each physician sixty days before their birthday. Licence renewal forms are available online on the Board of Registration in Medicine website. For more information about how to meet this requirement, see. Inform the board of directors of all information related to your attending physician and work environment if you are a licensed physician assistant or temporary certificate holder in Massachusetts. For more information about licensing requirements and frequently asked questions, see: Send your completed and signed information form for the supervising physician and the workplace to: Chapter 220 of the Statutes, 2018, The Commonwealth Alzheimer`s Disease and Related Dementias Act, requires physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to complete a unique training course on Alzheimer`s disease and related dementias. This education requirement applies only to licensees who serve adult populations. As part of its coordinated plan to implement sections 3 and 9 of this Act, the Council shall adopt, with immediate effect, the following preliminary directives: The following information contains licensing requirements, guidelines and interpretations for continuing medical education in Massachusetts. For more information, visit the Board of Registration in Medicine website for information and a direct loan application, see

Enrolment in a residency program approved by the acGME in the year prior to the renewal date meets the CME requirement. Physicians earn 50 Category 1 credits per year for full-time or part-time participation as junior physicians or fellows in an ACGME-accredited residency program. A scholarship that does not exceed two years is also eligible. If you are pursuing a residency or scholarship program, individuals must earn CME credits, starting with the first full cycle (i.e., two years) of licence renewal after the end of the program. MMS Department of Continuing Education and Certification 860 Winter Street Waltham, MA 02451-1411 (800) 322-2303, ext. 7306 or (781) 434-7306 MA Board of Registration of Physician Assistants 250 Washington Street Boston, MA 02108 Applicants for a full licence must meet the training requirements before applying to the Board. This is a one-time requirement. If you are obtaining a graduate degree in a medical-related field, para. B example a master`s degree in public health, you will receive 25 category 1 credits after receiving the diploma. Physicians, renewed licensees and expired licensees must demonstrate proficiency in the use of the EHR in one of the following ways: Physicians who are certified or recertified by a professional committee accredited by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Board may claim the equivalent of 60 credits in Category 1 without a risk management study. Credits are only valid for the license renewal cycle during which the Licensee receives a notification from the Technical Committee of the successful completion of the exam. NOTE: Physicians must spend at least 2 hours per admission cycle to study the Board of Registration in Medicine Regulations 243 CMR 1.00-5.00.

Click here for a list of MMS Live CME activities and click here for MMS Online CME courses. Physicians who receive their first license within three months of their birthday do not need to renew their registration until the second year after the above birthday. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine will assign a renewal date to new licensees. To meet this unique requirement, the MMS, in collaboration with the Alzheimer`s Association, has developed the following course: Diagnosis, Treatment and Care of Alzheimer`s Disease and Related Dementia Maintain a list of Category 1 CME activities and include the name of the provider of the activity, title, date or dates of participation, and number of credits earned. Also capture Category 2 CME activity. Be sure to list the approximate number of credits spent on each type of CME activity. Keep CME records for at least one full license cycle (2 years) after the cycle in which the credits were purchased. The Board of Directors grants medical examiners on active duty or who wish to attend appropriate meetings of the professional society, such as those conducted by the Massachusetts Medicolegal Society, the equivalent of four credits of the Category 1 credit required in the risk management study. Documents must be submitted and approved by the Licensing Committee of the Board of Directors. Under Chapter 260 of the 2014 Statutes, a Domestic Violence Act, the Medical Registration Board and other health professionals are required to develop and manage licensing standards that include education and training on domestic and sexual violence. This online course meets this requirement: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Education for Massachusetts Clinicians. The Department of Public Health has also developed an e-learning tool accessible from DPH`s DVSV Integration Initiatives website: Only one DPH-approved course can meet the requirement.