Amtrak Awarded Contracts


LOS ANGELES – Amtrak announced that Metrolink, Southern California`s passenger train service, has awarded Amtrak a four-and-a-half-year contract to operate commuter trains, which will begin on January 1, 2021 and expire on June 30, 2025. Under the terms of the contract, Amtrak will provide and manage engineers and drivers to operate Metrolink trains that play an important role in safety and customer service. Amtrak`s proposal was selected from five candidates. And they don`t build just any train. These will be the first battery-powered hybrid locomotives of this type. This is the largest North American order from Siemens Mobility Inc. in history, the company announced. “We currently have about 2,100 employees and that keeps growing,” Cahill said. “In fact, we are growing now, even before this order, and of course, this order will help us even more.” Drawing on its leading experience in business development in Europe, the company has established a model in the United States for the purchase, planning, development, management, leasing and sale of sustainable office, institutional and government projects in four selected US markets: Boston, Houston, Seattle and Washington, D.C. The unit`s international network of real estate development experts, supported by Skanska`s strong financial position, provides the necessary resources to satisfy clients in all markets. “We are honored to continue to serve Metrolink and the communities and residents of Southern California. We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership and helping the agency realize its bold vision of growth and improvement,” said Stephen Gardner, President of Amtrak. The renovation includes structural changes and industrial equipment upgrades to accommodate the new trains, which will be commissioned in 2021.

Construction began in February 2020 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. The new equipment will be deployed on the Northeast Corridor, the long-haul Palmetto and various state-backed routes that will replace Amfleet, Metroliner and Amtrak state equipment on select routes across the country. Routes include Northeast Regional, Cascades, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Maple Leaf, Adirondack, Vermonter, Downeaster, Carolinian, Pennsylvanian, Keystone Service, Virginia Service and New Haven/Springfield Service. The 73 trains will be built at the Siemens Mobility plant in Sacramento, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Amtrak said it expects the new fleet to add more than 1.5 million passengers a year. Amtrak sets a new standard for travel. To simplify and secure the travel experience, new cleaning and comfort measures are part of every customer`s contactless journey from booking to arrival.

By leveraging a full-time medical director and a public health and safety team, we strive to operate a safe, environmentally efficient and fiscally responsible business. Book a trip, check train status, access your e-ticket through the Amtrak app, and more. For more information, see The car will also be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. “Train travel is by no means old school,” Cahill said. “We are convinced that rail transport is the way of the future.” Skanska is one of the leading construction and development companies in the United States, specializing in building construction, civil infrastructure, and commercial real estate development in select U.S. markets. Driven by the Group`s values, Skanska aims to contribute to a better society. The company provides innovative and sustainable construction management services to a wide range of clients in the United States and Puerto Rico. They are experts in managing everything from small renovations to billion-dollar programs in a variety of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, education, commercial/corporate offices, aviation, government, retail, hospitality, and more. The three maintenance facilities were originally built by Skanska 20 years ago. SACRAMENTO, Calif.

(KTXL) — A major Sacramento-based manufacturer has approved a $3.4 billion contract to build 73 new trains for Amtrak. Amtrak is selected from five proposals and offers operational support Metrolink Metrolink is an easy and accessible way for families, couples and individuals to travel, with its spacious double-decker trains and large windows that offer views of soCal`s beautiful landscapes – including mountain views, the sea and the city that travelers can often miss when sitting in road traffic.. .