Add an `agree to Terms and Conditions` Checkbox Shopify

Terms and conditions are an important but often forgotten part of selling online. Customers must accept the terms and conditions, but they often don`t read them. At the same time, companies don`t always publish them online or make them accessible. But they are required by law in many jurisdictions. Luckily, you can simplify this process with some of the best Shopify apps. In the code you just inserted, replace /pages/terms-and-conditions with the URL of your terms and conditions page. Thus, you can be sure that your customers have accepted your terms and conditions. You can also add service policies, privacy policies, tax liability agreements, and age verification. This can help you comply with regulations around the world. If you`ve added payment buttons other than PayPal to your shopping cart page, the Terms and Conditions check box doesn`t work correctly. For example, if you have the Pay with Amazon button on your cart page, your customers can click on it and check without agreeing to your terms and conditions. Customers can confirm that they have read the terms and conditions on your website by checking a box on the shopping cart page.

You can customize the “I agree” field with different text and the check box. You can also use the app to view GDPR terms and age restrictions. Excellent app, helps a lot with the checkboxes for payment on the website. Congratulations, very good application The installation wizard supports any topic. Visualization tool to select the location where you want to display the check box. The application allows you to display the conditions in a pop-up window that can be displayed on command. You can easily create these terms and conditions using a Word or visual editor that comes with the app. These terms and conditions can also be adapted with different text colors. You can insert your terms of use into the app configuration and display them in the pop-up window. Or you can direct customers directly to a page with the terms and conditions on your website. NEW – Rich Text Editor: Design the checkbox text the way you want and add trusted images and badges You can add a checkbox to your cart page I accept the terms and conditions that customers should check before checkout. If a customer does not check the box before clicking the Order button, a warning box will prevent them from continuing.

If you can`t check “Accept terms and conditions,” make sure your theme is using a jQuery version of 1.7 or later. If your theme is running a version of jQuery earlier than 1.7, you can change your theme code to use a supported version instead. To install the check box, you can use the automatic installation, which takes only a few moments. Or you can create your own checkbox and use a shortcode to install it on your website. Both options allow you to edit the notification panel. You can also keep records of who has accepted the terms and conditions and who has not. These can be useful for liability coverage and compliance with certain regulations (such as the GDPR). You do not need any programming knowledge to display the check box.

Everything can be done from the interface of the application. Therefore, those who do not have skills can succeed. Add a checkbox to your cart that customers must check before checking out. A pop-up window appears if no check box is available. Make sure your customers are careful and read your terms of sale before making a purchase. This app allows you to add a checkbox for terms and conditions to your shopping cart page. Once installed, customers must check the “I accept the terms and conditions” box before they can proceed to the payment screen. If you prefer the terms and conditions on another page, you can simply disable the pop-up function.

If you have a set of policies that your customer must agree to before making a transaction, you can use this terms and conditions pop-up to help you. A checkbox will be added to your shopping cart page to ensure that customers agree to the terms and conditions, as customers cannot continue without checking the box. Tip: You cannot add the check box to the checkout pages. It can only be added to the shopping cart page that exists under When it comes to selling online, you need to make sure that customers agree to your online terms and conditions. Use one of the best Shopify apps for the terms and conditions listed in this article to insert checkboxes that not only remind them to read them, but also don`t allow the customer to continue until they agree to your terms and conditions. Which of the Shopify Terms of Service apps will you use? With this app, you can protect your business and build trust with the public. The app adds a simple checkbox that asks customers to read and confirm their agreement to your store`s terms and conditions. They must do this before moving on to the next part of the process. There are ways to customize the text so that you can use it for European countries to comply with GDPR laws. The app adds the date and time the customer checked the box and accepted your terms and conditions to the order details in the Additional Details section. You can also add it to your packing slips, invoices, and order confirmation email templates.

NEW – View the date and time your customer accepts/accepts your terms and conditions, in the order details you can see the date and time when the checkbox was checked by the customers in the order details There are only a few clicks for the app to place the checkbox. .