It is THIS simple to submit your event on #EFWeek

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First off let’s clear this up – you needn’t create a ‘special’ event for #EFWeek… whatever activities you have planned for your coworking community, either in person or online (thanks to Covid) – can be part of the European Freelancers week.

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the website or follow this link
  2. Submit the details of your event
  3. Celebrate once it’s done!

It really is that simple to play your part in #EFWeek2020! 

Let’s say you host a Zoom call with your online community, or invite them for a pitch night… perhaps you’re tackling a hot topic, or hosting an industry related introduction, like Cowork Tools, in your coworking space – any of these examples, in your hometown language, can be loaded on the #EFWeek site, where others can see and join your sessions!

All you need to tell us is –

  • Your event name
  • A brief description
  • The date and time
  • Share an image
  • Load some tags
  • Choose between a virtual event or location based event
  • The web address
  • Any costs 
  • And of course you, the organiser!

If you’re looking to plan an event just for #EFWeek, of course that’s welcome too! Same steps apply.

And… we provide you with a toolkit filled with branding to easily state that you’re part of the movement on your social platforms.

Check out the #EFWeek website where you’ll find our Manifesto (sign please), opportunities to submit your story and other events happening around Europe.

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